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Grapefruit Garage - Disney Springs

Disney Springs to open third parking garage on April 16

Disney Springs, Walt Disney World’s shopping, dining and entertainment complex has become more popular than ever since its expansion began in 2013. With recent openings including two new restaurants (Jaleo and Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill) and future openings including a new Cirque Du Soliel… Read More »Disney Springs to open third parking garage on April 16

Downtown Disney construction update – June 2015

Work continues at a swift pace as Downtown Disney is transforming into Disney Springs. When it’s complete the whole area will feature a new story with a new look and 100+ more stores, restaurants, and entertainment experiences. But for now, it’s a bit of a… Read More »Downtown Disney construction update – June 2015

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Downtown Disney adding bridges, second garage

I didn’t get the chance to do a walking-tour of Downtown Disney this week, but I was able to drive by and check things out. Turns out there is a ton of construction going on across Lake Buena Vista Blvd that runs along the perimeter. It starts up at the Downtown Disney Hotels and runs all the way past Typhoon Lagoon.

In addition to a new car bridge that will ease traffic into the largest of the two parking structures, Disney is building three sets of pedestrian bridges adding that extra bit of safety for guests and cast members who end up parking on the other side of the street.

A new pedestrian bridge crosses Lake Buena Vista, it’s not open yet but will put you in Downtown Disney right by Planet Hollywood Observatory and AMC Fork & Dine Theater.


Here’s the bridge for cars to enter and exit the first parking lot without needing a light. Coming west from EPCOT, you’ll exit on the right via a ramp then turn left to cross the bridge into the parking lot.


And you’ll also be able to exit the lot and return to Lake Buena Vista traveling west toward the Downtown Disney Hotels. Read More »Downtown Disney adding bridges, second garage

Downtown Disney becoming Disney Springs – Construction Update for November

We have a really big update from Downtown Disney for you today. There’s a whole raft of updates to report as the popular shopping, dining, and entertainment district prepares to become Disney Springs.

In a previous update we explored the newly open Exposition Park Food Truck lot and we had our first peek inside the new parking structure.

The entrance to Downtown Disney is forever changed as a giant parking structure now occupies the former main parking lot for the westside. There’s still plenty of working going on, even on the parking garage itself. Eventually two walk-ways will connect the garage with Disney Springs. For now, there’s some extra construction walls to help corral pedestrian traffic into the West Side.


The biggest change is the re-opening of the walk-way through the former Pleasure Island area. This area will soon be known as “The Landing.” But for now, it’s still a mess of walls and storefronts that aren’t quite ready to open. You’ll note that they added some fake trolley tracks to the ground at the top of the hill and some concept art to show what that area will look like when finished.

There’s also been quite a lot of work on The Hanger and The Boathouse, two of the first dining experiences expected to open in The Landing.

Behind the Landing is “The Springs” and work is going on there too, with what looks like some of the first vertical structures being erected already.

More photos below the jump:
Read More »Downtown Disney becoming Disney Springs – Construction Update for November

Disney’s Westside Garage Opens

Construction on the garage is still going on, but enough of the parking structure was ready for guests that Disney decided to open it to help alleviate some of the holiday shopping crush. Like the Mickey and Friends garage at Disneyland, the ground floor is… Read More »Disney’s Westside Garage Opens