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Neverland on Syfy

It’s not exactly Disney, but this retelling of the Peter Pan mythos has must watch TV written all over it. Plus they got Bob Hoskins to come out of retirement. That says good things about the miniseries. Learn more on the show’s Facebook page. This… Read More »Neverland on Syfy

Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure Soars into New Adventure

In her second direct-to-DVD animated movie, Tinker Bell, the world’s most famous pixie, sets off on an adventure that takes her away from Pixie Hollow, and toward a new friendship. Along the way she makes mistakes, learns some lessons, and, in the end, saves the… Read More »Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure Soars into New Adventure

Recent Photos from inside Neverland Ranch

Jonathan Haeber was able to get inside Neverland Ranch earlier this month and take some beautiful night time photos. Pop Star Michael Jackson’s tribute to Disneyland is rumored to be on the auction block (there are conflicting news stories on its status). Here’s Haeber’s article… Read More »Recent Photos from inside Neverland Ranch

Oedipus Pan

For a long time, Peter on the stage was played by a young woman in tights – the rump, as it were, of late Victorian theatre. A nubile woman in the role, with her frank appeal to the heterosexual adult tastes of the fathers in the house, obscured the difficult matters of child sexuality, sibling… Read More »Oedipus Pan