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Portland Pair Perform Pirate Pieces for Disney Jr

If there is one thing Portland, OR has become known for these days, it’s the diverse music scene that keeps 20 and 30 somethings moving there despite the lack of available jobs. The Oregonian has a look at two of those musicians who were discovered by Disney producers via their blog and then hired to write the music for the new Disney Jr show “Jake and the Never Land Pirates.”

“The show’s creator, Bobs Gannaway, he just wanted good music to listen to while he was writing the pilot,” said Hoskins, 37. Gannaway typed “pirate music for kids” into a web search engine and found his way to Captain Bogg & Salty, listening to their songs while working on the script. He introduced the band to Jay Stutler, vice president of music at Disney Television Animation.

“I downloaded the entire Boggs & Salty collection of tunes and I found a music video of them that was out there and I thought, this is so much bigger than just the main title song for the series,” Stutler said. “These guys were put on this earth to write music for this series we were working on.”

The arrangement worked so well, Disney even has them doing live ‘Inter-Stitch-als’ too. The pair were inspired by the original Disneyland Pirates attraction and the movies. It’s nice to hear from the old stomping grounds every now and then and even better when it involves Disney some how.

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  1. I was just wondering about these guys! We’ve seen them on Disney Junior all week, and I had no idea who they were. Thanks for the info!

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