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Recent Photos from inside Neverland Ranch

Jonathan Haeber was able to get inside Neverland Ranch earlier this month and take some beautiful night time photos. Pop Star Michael Jackson’s tribute to Disneyland is rumored to be on the auction block (there are conflicting news stories on its status). Here’s Haeber’s article on the experience and the complete flickr set of the excursion.

This photo shows how similar Neverland’s train station is to Disneyland’s Main Street USA Train Station. If the ranch does go to auction, the winner will have a great start to a pretty decent theme park if they wanted to move the attractions to a location closer to civilization.

I saw the gloved one at least a couple times at Disneyland. Yes, it was a freaky experience the way he was dressed and surrounded by security and children. But there is one thing that has never been in contention, Jackson’s affinity for the theme park that Walt built. See you do have something in common with him.

(thanks to Hans)