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Neverland on Syfy

It’s not exactly Disney, but this retelling of the Peter Pan mythos has must watch TV written all over it. Plus they got Bob Hoskins to come out of retirement. That says good things about the miniseries.

Learn more on the show’s Facebook page. This type of miniseries strikes me as something Disney should be doing more of. Would a Disney logo on this make you more likely to watch?

6 thoughts on “Neverland on Syfy”

  1. Well, I suppose they ARE doing this. It’s called Once Upon A Time on ABC.

    This Peter Pan retelling looks a bit better than when the SyFy channel tried to tackle Oz with Tin Man a few years back.

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  3. I’ll definitely be adding this to my list of shows to record come December.
    Everyone’s on the fairy tale kick this Fall/Winter it seems.
    I watched Syfy’s “Alice” back in 2009 and liked what they did with that one.
    Hopeful this can live up to all our expectations!

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