It’s been a long time since I managed to make it to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a walk-about. A shame because it’s my favorite park. Not for the rides or parades, there are better elsewhere on property, but for the beauty of nature. I love how Disney Imagineers built their own story about nature while still allowing plenty of room for the real version to flourish. How the two layers interact with each other adds a lot to my enjoyment of the park.

So without further ado, here are some of the new, or new to me, things I spotted on my walk this weekend:

Director Alastair Fothergill took part in a Virtual Roundtable for DisneyNature’s EARTH today. They also showed the ‘Earth Diaries” film that will be a special feature on the Blu-Ray Disc. It took over 5 years to complete the film, so there is a lot of territory covered in the feature, but it really lets the creators put some umph behind what is otherwise just the story of the movie.

The next two films Fothergill is working on for DisneyNature are Big Cats, projected to release early in 2012, and Chimpanzee, which should arrive early in 2013.

For those interested in the nitty gritty, I’ve included the full transcript below.