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Today’s Moment of Zen: A Squirrel’s Life at Walt Disney World

Sometimes Disney Magic comes in odd doses. Remember Monorail Squirrel? The poor squirrel that found its way onto the monorail track only to be chased by a monorail all the way from the Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom Monorail Station? It looks like Monorail Squirrel, or one of his friends, has moved to a slower more leisurely life in Storybook Circus. Last weekend, I was riding Barnstormer featuring The Great Goofini when I spotted a squirrel sitting on the roof watching all the guests finishing their rides. He was there for a good while not moving before I pulled out my camera and took this quick video.

And so, borrowing a phrase from John Stewart, here’s today’s moment of Zen:

What other forms of wild life have you seen at the Walt Disney World?

3 thoughts on “Today’s Moment of Zen: A Squirrel’s Life at Walt Disney World”

  1. My family and I have been keeping track over the past few years:

    5 Otters (in the pond across from Typhoon Lagoon),
    4 Wild boar (under the Mickey shaped electrical pole near I-4),
    2-3 Wild turkeys (near Fort Wilderness),
    3 Gators (1 near the Grand Floridian, 1 in MK next to the smoking area weight next to the Tom Sawyer raft launch, 1 in AK under the bridge to Dinoland),
    1 Bald eagle (island between transport center and MK),
    1 8-point deer (on the MK train ride, in the Indian Village walking among the animatronic deer – I can imagine what it was thinking),
    2 Barn owls (1 near Wilderness Lodge, 1 on a sign on the way out of Disney),
    1 6-8′ snake (swimming in the water under the bridge right near the Crystal Palace),
    Hundreds of squirrel, deer, ducks, turtles, birds, armadillos, and
    1 small family of wild bobcats (2-3 between the Transportation Center and the Contemporary from the monorail).

    As you can see, in addition to spotting hidden Mickeys, there are plenty of other things to look for if you keep your eyes opened.

  2. It’s a shame that WDW is now moving to an automated monorail system, since monorail squirrel won’t stand a chance with the computer driving!

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