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Main Street Electrical Parade returning to Disneyland

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom cast members were told earlier this week and yesterday Disney made it official, Disney’s Electrical Parade will be dimming its lights one last time on October 9th at the Magic Kingdom. After that it will return to Disneyland as the… Read More »Main Street Electrical Parade returning to Disneyland

7 Walt Disney World Upgrades I would like to see.

There’s a lot of talk about a major upgrade coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is getting a whole land based on James Cameron’s Avatar. Both big projects that will help Disney stay relevant for another generation. But there are some smaller projects Disney could implement on a shorter timescale that would also have a big Impact.

1. Night time parade at the Magic Kingdom – With “Festival of Fantasy,” the Magic Kingdom finally has a modern day parade, now it’s time to re-light the night. It’s time to ditch the 70s era tech of the Electrical Parade and paint the street and sky with a parade as-yet unseen in the states. There are a couple candidates out there in Asian parks, but I’d also be happy to see something original.

2. Rivers of America – First, Disney needs to bring back more boats to the river, something like a steamboat from “The Princess and the Frog” would do nicely. Then they need to upgrade existing show scenes and add more to make a cohesive story. Ideally, the River would transform at night into a dinner or dessert cruise with a Jazz Band aboard the new ship.

3. Conservation station/ Rafiki’s Planet Watch – Update the animal care message, include more success stories (Disney has a ton of them), remove train and add more up close animal encounters with new-to-the-park animals. I suggest animals from Polynesia / Australia to capitalize on upcoming movies and Finding Nemo.Read More »7 Walt Disney World Upgrades I would like to see.

Instapic: Who rides Pete’s dragon?

from Instagram. Ah, one of my favorite floats from the Main Street Disney’s Electrical Parade and one of my favorite trick questions, “who rides Pete’s Dragon?” Usually stumps people for a few moments. My favorite trivia for the Pete’s Dragon float was that before it… Read More »Instapic: Who rides Pete’s dragon?

Miniature Main Street Electrical Parade

I’ve been out of circulation from the various the Disneyland collectors groups for a few years, but I recognize Alex George as a kindred spirit. George has put together the following video of his project to make the Main Street Electrical Parade run down the miniature Main Street USA as recreated by artist Robert Olszewski.

First, I’m just impressed that George has the complete set of Main Street Disneyland miniatures from Olszewski. But to then take it to the next step and bring the MSEP to life is awe inspiring.

Below the cut is the actual parade running, in miniature, through the Olszewski version of Disneyland’s Main Street:

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Main Street Electrical Parade – Video from Cast Member Preview

While the Main Street Electrical Parade officially returns to the Magic Kingdom as part of Summer Nightastic! tomorrow, there is a preview tonight. The new fireworks show will also preview tonight. Whether you like MSEP depends if tonight will feel like greeting an old friend… Read More »Main Street Electrical Parade – Video from Cast Member Preview

Main Street Electrical Parade preview – Summer Nightastic at WDW

Today Walt Disney World arranged a special preview of the Main Street Electrical Parade as it prepares for a return to the Magic Kingdom for Summer Nightastic! starting June 6th. We were taken backstage to the special warehouse where the talented crew at Disney is putting the final touches on the floats.

The MSEP was my Disney parade growing up. Every summer it was there at Disneyland like an old friend. You might say farewell for a while, but you never really said goodbye.

Below the jump are a few photos to whet your appetite. I’ll have much more later

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