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Instapic: Who rides Pete’s dragon?

from Instagram.

Ah, one of my favorite floats from the Main Street Disney’s Electrical Parade and one of my favorite trick questions, “who rides Pete’s Dragon?”

Usually stumps people for a few moments.

My favorite trivia for the Pete’s Dragon float was that before it was brought to Walt Disney World, there was a mattress inside the float where cast members could rest between parades. The Magic Kingdom route is longer than Disneyland’s parade route, so that mattress had to go to make room for more batteries.

Do you have a favorite float from MSEP?

2 thoughts on “Instapic: Who rides Pete’s dragon?”

  1. When my wife and I last went to the Magic Kingdom, the Pete’s Dragon float went by and some early 20s females standing next to us Kelly saying “Who’s that speed to be? Is that Of the Magic Dragon?”

    I turned to them and said “That’s Elliot from Pete’ Dragon.”

    Their eyes glazed over and they liked really confused and said “Who?” before turning to each other and relating that it was probably Puff.

    Dang kids these days, get off my lawn. (I am 33)

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