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Guardians of the Galaxy gets emoji-fied

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is still battling at the box office, but Disney has released an ultra-cute emoji-fied version of the first movie for your enjoyment. Join Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot like you’ve never seen them before: as out-of-this-world… Read More »Guardians of the Galaxy gets emoji-fied

Disney Princesses Sing for Equal Pay in Latest Viral Video

You’ve seen Disney Hipster Princesses on YouTube, which was very funny and definitely made a point. It seems activist Disney Princesses are now becoming something of a meme. The latest is very talented Jenny Joslin from Tex Pats with Ariel and her Disney Princess friends… Read More »Disney Princesses Sing for Equal Pay in Latest Viral Video

Inappropriate Deaths of Disney Characters

I really shouldn’t post the Disney version of the latest, and very misogynist, meme – exploding actresses. But the Exploding Disney Princesses video is also creative and very funny. There’s just a smidgen of gore, but it’s not too bad. The force behind Exploding Actresses… Read More »Inappropriate Deaths of Disney Characters

Disney Memes

Every year or so an anonymous cast member takes it upon themselves to share the funny, frustrating, and otherwise random bizarre moments that contribute to their experience while working for the Mouse. These instances, when viewed separate from the whole of the regular cast member… Read More »Disney Memes

Disney releases Tangled Viral Video – Double Rainbow Meme

So I’m assuming you’ve heard or seen the Double Rainbow meme. Now keep that in mind while watching this: That is Disney Marketing’s attempting a viral video to promote Tangled, the next Feature Animated Film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. With a few minor consistency… Read More »Disney releases Tangled Viral Video – Double Rainbow Meme