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mary blair

The most beautiful animated film moments in history of Disney

The Walt Disney Company has been making feature length films since the groundbreaking animated feature “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Since that time they’ve made 56 animated movies at what is now the Walt Disney Animation Studios. A new compilation of gorgeous shots throughout… Read More »The most beautiful animated film moments in history of Disney

Animated Tribute to Disney artist Mary Blair

The Annecy Animation Festival saw the debut of a new animated short dedicated to one of Disney’s most influential, visionary artists – Mary Blair. The short is just 86 seconds and yet it conveys Blair’s work so well. According to French animation studio Gobelins, the… Read More »Animated Tribute to Disney artist Mary Blair

Pinup Girl Vintage Collection honors Disney artist Mary Blair

maryblair_exhibition_portraitMary Blair was an artist, illustrator, and designer whose career spanned many media over the course of five decades. Disney fans know her for her color styling and art direction for Cinderella (1950), Alice in Wonderland (1951), and Peter Pan (1953), as well as serving as creative lead for theme park attraction it’s a small world. I’m also a fan of the mosaic murals she did for the Disney Parks.

Disney fans will now be able to tap into the spirit and vintage style of Mary Blair thanks to a new line of clothing from Pinup Girl Clothing. The Magic of Mary Blair collection by Pinup Couture features 1950s and 60s-style dresses and skirts that showcase illustrations from artist Mary Blair.

You will note Blair’s whimsical use of bold graphics, juxtaposition of complementary and contrasting colors, and a look that never really goes out of style.

The collection will consist of a dozen dresses and eight skirts, with all of these designs available in extra small to 4X. The collection incorporates Blair’s whimsical novelty motifs of travel–such as trains, planes, and caricatures of commuters–and girlish flair like umbrellas, butterflies, kittens, lips, and roses. Some of the art included was previously used in the 1950s for handkerchiefs and scarves manufactured for Carol Stanley Studios, New York. The collection will also showcase one of Blair’s personal artworks depicting a mother embracing her child. These designs will be incorporated as all-over and border prints on classic Pinup Couture designs, including the flirty and famed 1960s-style Jenny Dress which features adjustable straps and a gathered full skirt, the stunning 1950s-style Heidi Dress, which showcases a sweetheart neckline, covered belt, and flattering swing skirt, and the sleek and sexy Evangeline Dress, a fitted, wiggle-style style making its debut in this collection.

Read More »Pinup Girl Vintage Collection honors Disney artist Mary Blair

Walt Disney Family Museum Reexamines Alice in Wonderland with Contemporary Artist Camille Rose Garcia alongside works by Disney Legend Mary Blair

The Walt Disney Family Museum is pleased to present the exhibition Camille Rose Garcia: Down the Rabbit Hole. On view from May 9 to November 3, 2013, the exhibition features some 40 works by Garcia alongside seven Alice in Wonderlandconcept paintings by Disney artist Mary Blair from the Museum’s collection. Organized by guest curator Tere Romo, the exhibition celebrates not only Garcia and Blair’s artistry across decades and artistic styles, but also the power of art to draw us into magical worlds that spark engagement and inspiration.

Since its publication in 1865, Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been re-interpreted visually in a wide-range of artistic styles and media, including as an animated Walt Disney film in 1951. Over half a century later, Garcia has updated the enduring classic with her distinctive illustrations that capture a young girl’s surreal adventures after following a rabbit down a hole. In this exhibition of Garcia’s book illustrations, Alice’s encounters with the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Red Queen are quirky renditions of the main characters set against colorful backdrops. With her conscious disregard for perspective or scale in her compositions, Garcia creates a fresh and contemporary depiction of the dreamlike story. Her illustrations not only draw from a Goth sensibility, but also the thriving “low-brow art” movement in Los Angeles and its references to classic cartoons, 60’s TV sitcoms, rock music, and comic books. However, in keeping with Lewis’s intended audience, the illustrations retain the animation quality of the Disney film that continues to appeal to all generations.Read More »Walt Disney Family Museum Reexamines Alice in Wonderland with Contemporary Artist Camille Rose Garcia alongside works by Disney Legend Mary Blair