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“it’s a small world” transforms into the holiday edition via magic of time-lapse


Since 1997 it’s been a yearly tradition at the Happiest Place on Earth, “it’s a small world” Holiday features makeover of the famous facade into a bright display of festive lights.

The whole transformation takes a couple of weeks. But Disneyland’s elves set up a hidden camera and documented the transformation in a beautiful time-lapse video:

Disneyland shared some fun facts on exactly what it took:

  • Over eight weeks, it took 11 technical service cast members working five nights a week to string lights across the facade, topiaries, trees, and more.
  • Speaking of the facade, it has over 50,000 C7 size lights in seven different colors: red, blue, green, amber, fuchsia, purple, and white. That’s almost five miles of lights just on the fa├žade.
  • Include the towers and toy shop and there are an additional 10,000 C7 lights on on the it’s a small world mall.
  • It takes a large crane to install the Santa hat on the clock, the same crane is used to erect the Christmas tree in Town Square.

That’s an impressive string of lights and a lot of work to make it happen. Do you prefer the holiday version or the colors Mary Blair originally designed.