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marvel’s agent carter

Marvel’s Agent Carter Season Finale Preview

When your inaugural season is only 8 episodes long, you have to pack a lot into every episode. That’s certainly been true with Marvel’s Agent Carter. Peggy Carter has been at the center of every episode and we’ve been treated to some great action along… Read More »Marvel’s Agent Carter Season Finale Preview

Agent Carter Recap – episode 7: Snafu

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This week’s episode starts right where last week’s left off, with Peggy in the custody of the S.S.R. and under interrogation. Sousa, Dooley and Thomson take turns trying to make her confess to, among other things, killing agent Krzemenski. Jarvis then shows up with a… Read More »Agent Carter Recap – episode 7: Snafu

Agent Carter Recap – Episode 5: The Iron Ceiling


This weeks episode was packed. Lots of action. The return of the Howling Commandos. Revealed backstory for both Thomson and Dottie (and, by extension, Agent Romanov in the present day). Sousa discovers what Peggy’s been up to, or thinks he has anyway.

The episode begins in 1937 where we see a group of young girls being groomed for the Black Widow Program. While that name didn’t get used this week, Marvel did release an interview with the shows producers about how they came up with the idea. The implication is that this is where Dottie was raised, but we don’t get confirmation until the end of the episode.

Back in 1946, Dottie and Peggy are out in the diner together when Dottie manages to secretly get Peggy’s room keys out of her purse. On the way to the SSR, Jarvis comes up to Peggy to pled for her to rejoin him in helping Stark prove his innocence, but, of course, she’s still understandably mad at them both. Jarvis does manage to get into her head the idea that, despite his failings, Stark is a good man and Peggy knows it.

The SSR office is in complete chaos as the typewriter has typed out a coded message that no one can break. No one except Peggy. She swoops in, breaks the code without breaking a sweat, showing up all of the men in the room with her. She then pleads with Dooley to let her go on the mission to Russia, based on her ability to break the code and her familiarity with the terrain. But it isn’t until she calls in the 107th (a.k.a. the Howling Commandos) that she is allowed to join the team.

Peggy has to change for the mission in the men’s locker room because there isn’t a women’s. This leads to some witty banter between her and Thomson but it also leads Sousa to the discovery that Peggy has a couple of bullet wounds on her shoulder. More on that later.Read More »Agent Carter Recap – Episode 5: The Iron Ceiling

Marvel’s Agent Carter Preview – Episode 5


Agent Peggy Carter is surrounded by danger in the next episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter. She goes on her first top secret mission for SSR and reunites with her old team “The Howling Commandos” including Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough).

Along they way they learn some shocking truths about Leviathan and a potentially deadly encounter with the Black Widow training grounds. Additionally, back in New York, it appears a Black Widow assassin has chosen Carter as her next victim.

Here’s a preview

Here’s a clip from the episode where we meet the Howling Commandos:

Read More »Marvel’s Agent Carter Preview – Episode 5

Agent Carter Episode 4 Recap: The Blitzkrieg Button

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We’ve made to the half way point of the series. Interestingly, the main objective of the series, the search for Howard Stark’s stolen technology, is over. Which begs the question, what do the last four episodes have in store?

This week’s episode was once again, light on action, but still delivered two major reveals. The episode begins with the return of Howard Stark, who is still on the run. His normal hiding spots are now under surveillance so Peggy ends up letting him hide out in her apartment, you know, the one that doesn’t allow men inside in the building. This week we definitely got to see the more negative side of Stark’s personality, from the way he seduced all of the ladies on Peggy’s hall, to how he chose to lie to her about her mission.

Stark tells Peggy that one of his inventions, the Blitzkrieg Button, has been turned on and, if activated, will cause the entire city of New York to black out. Of course, he’s the only one who can disarm it so he needs her to bring it to him.

In the midst of this, we are introduced to Mr. Mink, who attempts to capture Peggy and Jarvis. The writers clearly wanted us to think that he was going to be the big villain of the piece, which makes what happens later more shocking.Read More »Agent Carter Episode 4 Recap: The Blitzkrieg Button

Marvel’s Agent Carter Sneak Peek, Plus we meet the original Jarvis

In the Iron Man series Jarvis is Tony Stark’s computer driven personal agent. Eventually Jarvis becomes integral to the suit and perhaps something a bit more in future Avengers movies. In the comics Jarvis stands for – Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. But what… Read More »Marvel’s Agent Carter Sneak Peek, Plus we meet the original Jarvis

Marvel’s Agent Carter Coming to ABC

With the news that Disney has renewed ABC’s hit show Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD for a second season came this other juicy tidbit. Agent Carter, the show that would tell the story of the founding of the organization known as SHIELD, would also get a… Read More »Marvel’s Agent Carter Coming to ABC