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Agent Carter Episode 4 Recap: The Blitzkrieg Button

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We’ve made to the half way point of the series. Interestingly, the main objective of the series, the search for Howard Stark’s stolen technology, is over. Which begs the question, what do the last four episodes have in store?

This week’s episode was once again, light on action, but still delivered two major reveals. The episode begins with the return of Howard Stark, who is still on the run. His normal hiding spots are now under surveillance so Peggy ends up letting him hide out in her apartment, you know, the one that doesn’t allow men inside in the building. This week we definitely got to see the more negative side of Stark’s personality, from the way he seduced all of the ladies on Peggy’s hall, to how he chose to lie to her about her mission.

Stark tells Peggy that one of his inventions, the Blitzkrieg Button, has been turned on and, if activated, will cause the entire city of New York to black out. Of course, he’s the only one who can disarm it so he needs her to bring it to him.

In the midst of this, we are introduced to Mr. Mink, who attempts to capture Peggy and Jarvis. The writers clearly wanted us to think that he was going to be the big villain of the piece, which makes what happens later more shocking.

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On the way to retrieve the button, Peggy discovers that all is not what it seems with her friends as Jarvis is a poor liar. She gets the button and chooses to open it herself, discovering a vial of blood inside. A confrontation with Stark later confirms what we already guessed; the blood belongs to Steve Rogers. Stark claims that he wants to use it to help the world, but Peggy accuses him of using Steve to continue fattening his bank account and kicks him out of her apartment.

Mr. Mink, meanwhile, has made his way to Peggy’s apartment and is about to break in when Dottie comes out of her room. She plays innocent until he pulls his gun on her. Then she shows her true colors by attacking him in a way that would make the Black Widow proud. In fact, many people think that “Dottie” is Yelena Belova who, in the comics, is the second Black Widow.

Back at the S.S.R., Thomson has been put in charge while Dooley goes to Europe in search of answers about what happened in Finlow. He comes home empty handed, but the discovery is still made that Stark was there the day that thousands of Russians were mysteriously killed.

The episode ends with Stark and Jarvis talking about their mistake in not trusting Peggy and Stan Lee asking for the Sports section of the newspaper.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of Captain America’s blood and who “Dottie” actually is. I’m also looking forward to seeing the Howling Commandos next week.

What did you think of the episode?

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  1. I really like the time period it’s set in.
    Not knowing anything beforehand about the characters, I find I’m playing catchup.
    Your recaps are very helpful, especially when I miss things entirely (blitz button?)
    Keep up the good work. Jerry F.

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