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SeaWorld Releases Four Rescued Manatees


Asaka, Braille, Nitty and Pipsqueak, four female sub-adult manatees, were happily released into the warm waters of Eddy Creek on Thursday July 18, 2013 by SeaWorld Orlando’s Rescue Team. Three of these manatees were rescued in December of 2012 after being trapped in a mosquito embankment in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and suffering from mild cold stress. The fourth manatee, Asaka, was rescued this past March due to buoyancy issues.

After spending months at SeaWorld Orlando being rehabilitated all four manatees, ranging in weight between 400lbs to 775lbs, were declared healthy and ready to return to their natural habitat. Each manatee was weighed and measured before being released. They were also fitted with a tag so that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission can track their movement and progress. The release was bittersweet for those who had the pleasure to work with these magnificent creatures, happy to see the animals swim away and start to thrive on their own but sad to see them go.

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SeaWorld releases rescued Manatee “Lil’ Joe” into wild

Lil’ Joe ain’t so little anymore. The Manatee, rescued by SeaWorld Orlando and returned to health by SeaWorld’s animal care team, grew to 1515-pounds before being released into Lake Dexter in Astor, Fl. There Lil’ Joe will find several other manatees who will help him… Read More »SeaWorld releases rescued Manatee “Lil’ Joe” into wild

SeaWorld says “Don’t Forget About Us”

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SeaWorld Receives Rehabilitated Manatee for Release

The package picked up by SeaWorld’s animal care experts at Orlando International Airport on Tuesday, November 2, was indeed precious cargo. It was Holly, a rehabilitated manatee, who was rescued in 1995, and has been rehabilitating at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for the past five… Read More »SeaWorld Receives Rehabilitated Manatee for Release