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Halloween Decor Appears Early at the Magic Kingdom

We visited the Magic Kingdom last weekend and were surprised to see how much of the park had been festooned with fall decorations. Specifically, September 2nd, a full two months ahead of time, seemed a bit early for the Halloween decorations to be up. I know they get away with it by claiming it’s a harvest festival, but with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party starting on the September 11th this year, I have to wonder how soon is to soon to celebrate a holiday at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?

View our gallery with 16 pictures of Halloween decorations below the jump.

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New Dance Party Added to MNSSHP Pre-Parade

It won’t just be dozens of glow merchandise carts and the Headless Horseman that precedes the nightly parade at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year, Main Street USA will be home a new dance party the “Not So Scary Street Jam!”. This interactive… Read More »New Dance Party Added to MNSSHP Pre-Parade

Disneyland Extends Candlelight Processional to Lengthy 20 Nights

Believe it or not, I have fond memories of camping out in Disneyland’s Town Square for most of the day just to catch a semi-obstructed view of the train station while Michael York or some other celebrity narrated the traditional Candlelight Ceremony and Processional. It… Read More »Disneyland Extends Candlelight Processional to Lengthy 20 Nights

Special Training Process for Disneyland Horses

When Walt Disney first opened Disneyland, they trained the horses to prepare for huge crowds by having them walk in a tent with loud noises blaring at them through speakers. The horses currently housed at Circle D Corral still go through a process to introduce them to being on-stage, but the blaring speakers are long gone.

There are four horse-drawn streetcars on Disneyland’s Main Street. Each is a reproduction of 19th century streetcars that were used in major cities such as Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia or New York.

The horses used to pull the streetcars are from the larger breeds like Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, or a cross between Shire and Percheron. Each horse gets a minimum of 30 hours of training before going “On Stage.” Their work days are four hours long and they get a two-day weekend just like you and me.

Below the cut is a second video with a closer look at the Circle D Corral

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Miniature Main Street Electrical Parade

I’ve been out of circulation from the various the Disneyland collectors groups for a few years, but I recognize Alex George as a kindred spirit. George has put together the following video of his project to make the Main Street Electrical Parade run down the miniature Main Street USA as recreated by artist Robert Olszewski.

First, I’m just impressed that George has the complete set of Main Street Disneyland miniatures from Olszewski. But to then take it to the next step and bring the MSEP to life is awe inspiring.

Below the cut is the actual parade running, in miniature, through the Olszewski version of Disneyland’s Main Street:

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