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Halloween Decor Appears Early at the Magic Kingdom

We visited the Magic Kingdom last weekend and were surprised to see how much of the park had been festooned with fall decorations. Specifically, September 2nd, a full two months ahead of time, seemed a bit early for the Halloween decorations to be up. I know they get away with it by claiming it’s a harvest festival, but with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party starting on the September 11th this year, I have to wonder how soon is to soon to celebrate a holiday at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?

View our gallery with 16 pictures of Halloween decorations below the jump.

I like the new giant pumpkins in Liberty Square, but note that when these decorations are put up, they should at least take the time to clean the nearby area. The light bulbs above the mickey wreath are awful. Who would want to see that in their vacation photo?

What do you think of the decorations this year?

1 thought on “Halloween Decor Appears Early at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. They’re pretty, but way too early. I understand they take a lot of work to design, put up, and take down, and they’re trying to maximize the return on that effort, but it’s the same as the Christmas decorations being up forever. They stretch these holidays/events out for so long it seems like it’s only half the year you can see the park looking like it’s actually supposed to look like!

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