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Special Training Process for Disneyland Horses

When Walt Disney first opened Disneyland, they trained the horses to prepare for huge crowds by having them walk in a tent with loud noises blaring at them through speakers. The horses currently housed at Circle D Corral still go through a process to introduce them to being on-stage, but the blaring speakers are long gone.

There are four horse-drawn streetcars on Disneyland’s Main Street. Each is a reproduction of 19th century streetcars that were used in major cities such as Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia or New York.

The horses used to pull the streetcars are from the larger breeds like Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, or a cross between Shire and Percheron. Each horse gets a minimum of 30 hours of training before going “On Stage.” Their work days are four hours long and they get a two-day weekend just like you and me.

Below the cut is a second video with a closer look at the Circle D Corral

Did you ever dream about working at Disneyland?

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