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Daniel Dae Kim spotted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Actor Daniel Dae Kim, star of the ABC series “Lost” and currently starring on the new CBS series “Hawaii Five-0,” poses Dec. 28, 2010 with Lilo from Disney’s animated film “Lilo and Stitch” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Kim, who was born in South Korea and… Read More »Daniel Dae Kim spotted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

LOST: Desmond Calls Penny on Christmas Eve

This is one of my favorite moments from ABC’s hit television show LOST. It’s from Season 4 Episode 5 – The Constant. Just watch and try not to cry as Desmond reaches his constant Penny on Christmas Eve 8 years after his time-travel flashback. Sadly,… Read More »LOST: Desmond Calls Penny on Christmas Eve

LOST DVD Extended Scene – New Man In Charge

Here’s a clip from the extended scene that shows what Hurley and Ben did on the Island after Hurley was left in charge. This bonus feature will be available on both LOST: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON and LOST: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION which debut on Blu-ray… Read More »LOST DVD Extended Scene – New Man In Charge

LOST – Alternate Ending

I’m not sure how long this video will remain up. But it looks like the producers of LOST filmed at least one alternate ending. The production value and music all line up. This is either real or a very good fake. What do you think?… Read More »LOST – Alternate Ending

Lost Season 6: The End (Episode 17)

Beware, losties. Spoilers begin immediately…

I think I’ve been saying it all along—this season has been about bringing everything and everyone full circle. It started off with the little asides and hat tips to The Island in Sideways Land. And then as it began to close more and more, the connections got almost freaky. The last 10 minutes of the finale I must have said, “They’re killin’ me. What is going on?” about 23 times. I could not wrap my brain around it. It was definitely not what I was expecting. But it was oddly satisfying. Bittersweet and still a little painful when I think about the implications of what it means for our Lostie’s FIRST and REAL Island reality. But still…satisfying.

I’m not sure how to do a full and detailed recap of this episode. But I do think it would be fitting to begin with The End…

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LOST ends tonight

Tonight brings LOST full circle. From a ground breaking new television series 6 years ago to a world wide television event that will bring a conclusion to the stories of the people we got to know via the show. To me, that was always the… Read More »LOST ends tonight

Lost Season 6: What They Died For (Episode 16)

Can I be honest with you? I’m ready for the finale of Lost. So ready. I loved last night’s episode but I felt like it was just the PS to last week’s episode and the epilogue to our finale. Yeah, we got some “answers” and yes I put answers in quotes on purpose. I really think the writers don’t want us to tie up every single loose end. I mean, come on, when we spend a total of 5 seconds talking to already-dead-almost-gone Jacob we are not getting a lot of questions answered!

So, let’s start by talking about crazy Sideways Land otherwise known as LA…

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