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Lost Season 6: What They Died For (Episode 16)

Can I be honest with you? I’m ready for the finale of Lost. So ready. I loved last night’s episode but I felt like it was just the PS to last week’s episode and the epilogue to our finale. Yeah, we got some “answers” and yes I put answers in quotes on purpose. I really think the writers don’t want us to tie up every single loose end. I mean, come on, when we spend a total of 5 seconds talking to already-dead-almost-gone Jacob we are not getting a lot of questions answered!

So, let’s start by talking about crazy Sideways Land otherwise known as LA…

JACK wakes up in his apartment…which is super nice, by the way. I didn’t remember it looking so swanky last time! Anywhoo, he notices a crazy gash on his neck (oh, Island-ness!) but ignores it in lieu of having breakfast (what is with the SUPER BRAN cereal box?!) with his son, David. (Gosh, David is cute. Is he Juliet’s son? Or really Jack’s original ex, Sarah?) They begin to talk about “the concert”  but suddenly CLAIRE comes down for breakfast. I had forgotten she was spending the night! (What exactly IS Claire doing? Is she going to stay with Jack and have Aaron? Will she go back to Australia?)

But before we can truly feel the uncomfortableness of a woman, much less an illigetimate half-sister carrying a half-nephew in her womb the phone rings and Jack discovers they have located Christian’s body. Well, happy day. Looks like everything is going to be all right.

Until we discover who THEY is…DESMOND. That’s right our insane Get-Me-Back-To-The-Island god is somehow trying to jog Jack’s Island-Memory. And that’s not the only memory he’s trying to jog.

Desmond shows up at Locke’s school and just as we think he’s going to run down wheelchaired Locke again, Super BEN comes to the rescue. He confronts Des and Des? Beats the HECK out of Ben. Usually, I appreciate a good Ben-beatdown. But this time I felt bad for him. Sideways Ben is a good guy.

During this beatdown, Ben gets a flash of another beatdown. Another time when Des is knocking the snot out of him. And it freaks Ben out. Now, why would poor Ben remember The Island because of a fight? There’s no love in Ben? Why hasn’t Alex been his Island shot in the arm? Is Ben really all bad? (Hmmm…let’s wait till we get back to Island time to talk about that…)

After Desmond beats Ben to a bloody pulp he says, “I didn’t come to hurt Locke, I came to tell him to ‘let go’.” Ben relays this message to LOCKE and Locke is visibly shaken. It moves him to visit Dr. Shepherd in his office. He thinks some fate might be involved and says, “I think I’m ready to get out of this wheelchair.” (Oh, Locke! Are you back?! Long Live Locke! Long Live Locke!)

Meanwhile, Des is still inflicting his Island-craziness on our Losties. After Ben’s beatdown, he heads straight to LAPD and SAWYER. He turns himself in for running down Locke and beating up Ben. Sawyer looks at him with typical disdain and leads him into a cell with SAYID and KATE. Oh, happy day! Des is beside himself. He’s practically licking his lips he’s so excited.

Sawyer and Kate have a flirtatious exchange just before he transports her and the 2 guys out of their temporary cells and onto county jail. But nothing comes of the conversation…what IS going to happen to Sawyer? WHERE IS JULIET?

Now Des, Kate and Sayid are on their way to county jail. Sayid and Kate are rolling their eyes at giddy Des until he tells them he’s going to break them out of the van and in return he wants them to promise to do one thing for them. They laughingly agree. And then. The van stops.

ANA LUCIA opens the door and asks for her money. Now, who do we know with boatloads of cash? A bright yellow Hummer drives up and HURLEY brings Ana Lucia an envelope of money. Hurley looks at her knowingly to which she pulls a Sawyer and says, “Do I know you, Tubby?” (*snicker*)

Kate and Sayid are gobsmacked. They have no idea what’s going on. Especially because Hurley and Des are like little kids they are so excited about what they are doing. Des instructs Sayid to go with Hurley (Which is nice, because haven’t they always kinda been pals? Reminds me of when they were OFF Island and Sayid came to break Hurley out of the mental institution.) while Kate is to go with him. Kate is shocked—and her jaw drops even further when Des pulls out a slinky back dress and says, “We’re going to a concert.”

{A concert?!! Like the same concert Jack and David are going to? Ack! Is it DANIEL’s concert? Or did that already happen? Oooh, oooh! It’s probably the same concert MILES and CHARLOTTE are going to at DR. CHANG’S museum!!}

Now, let’s hit one more lovely Sideways storyline…after Ben makes it through the day as a punching bag, his protege, ALEX sees him. She is devastated by what has happened and demands that her mother drive him home. And finally, we see a clean, coiffed and lovely ROUSSEAU. She greets Ben with a smile and offers to cook dinner for him. She says, “we’ll kidnap you if we have to!”. They have a lovely happy meal where she tells Ben that he has been a father figure to Alex. He fights off tears and suddenly we feel a little spark between the two. Holy Shmoly. How sadly ironic would this match be? Oh, but what if he DOES remember his Island-life?

Now. If that wasn’t wordy enough, let’s get to REAL time. ISLAND TIME…

As everything has been this season, we see a huge shout out to our series premiere, JACK stitches up KATE’s shoulder. (Remember the reverse in the pilot episode?) She’s whining about the Kwons and after Dr. Jack is done our 4 remaining Losties silently stare at the ocean resigned to their fate (yes, I said FATE): they must kill unLocke.

Sawyer is visibly upset about the Kwons, Sayid and Frank. He thinks it’s his fault. And suddenly, in a man to man conversation, he confesses this. But Jack (yes, I’ll admit it) was nice. He comforted Sawyer and said, “No. HE killed them.” *sniff* Poor Sawyer. Is he going to get even a slight happy ending?

But enough with the characterization, it’s time for some crazy Island ghosts! Young Jacob appears to Hurley and demands his ashes. He grabs them from Hurley’s hand and makes a run for it. And finally Hurley and Jacob come face to face. Jacob invites the rest of the Losties to his campfire and they have a meeting.

And even though this meeting was lame and short and totally NOT full of answers, it did the job. Kate (remarkably the most upset of them all) demands to know why they were brought to The Island. Jacob explains that it’s his fault. He created the Smoke Monster and now he [Jacob] is dead. And he needs someone to protect The Light and The Island.

He asks for one of them to volunteer. And Jack does. I have to admit, this new king-of-the-island Jack is different than previous seasons king-of-the-island Jack. He has definitely been humbled. He’s not trying to fix it because he’s Dr. Jack. He’s simply accepting what he believes his his role. Dare I say, his fate.

Jacob doesn’t have his mother’s flask, so he mutters an incantation over some creek water and Jack drinks it. And now? “You are like me” Jacob says to him.


Now Jack-turned-Jacob is going to head to The Light to stop unLocke from getting it. This is how it’s going to end apparently. Jack and his threesome trying to defeat unLocke and his partner. Who is his partner? Well, let’s talk about him now..

Finally, we see MILES, RICHARD and BEN. They are hiking through the jungle to get to Ben’s house in Dharmaville. I have so missed Miles and Ben! They head straight to Ben’s secret closet (where Ben tells us that he used to think he could summon the Smoke Monster but now realizes IT was summoning him!) to get some C4.

And just then who do they find rifling through the cabinets? Zoe. And Whidmore. Lovely. We finally have our showdown–Whidmore versus Linus. They throw a few barbs back and forth (“as usual, I’m three steps ahead of you!”) and then they hear unLocke approaching. Zoe and Whidmore head deeper into Ben’s closet. Miles runs into the jungle (because THAT sounds safe!). Richard decides to talk to unLocke so the others can get away. Ben just follows behind him, knowing the inevitable is about to happen.

As soon as Richard, our very own SexyEyes walks into the lawn of New Otherton, Smokey appears and scoops him up and off to the jungle. (GAH! I was not expecting that! Think he’s dead?) Ben is shaken and dreading what’s to come. So, he sits down on his own front porch and waits.

Soon, unLocke walks around the corner. He calmly (and creepily) asks Ben to kill a few people for him. The first? Widmore. And Ben agrees, “He’s hiding in my closet.”

Now this scene was just lovely. I’ll try to do it quickly. Ahem.

unLocke enters and promptly slits Zoe’s throat. Yowza. Then he demands to know why Widmore came to The Island. He promises to kill Penny if Widmore doesn’t tell. Widmore explains that he brought Desmond back to The Island because he wanted to test his electromagnetism…or whatever. Then he refuses to say more because Ben is in the room.

And this is the best part. unLocke leans in and says, “Well, just whisper it in my ear.” Widmore does and while I’m harumphing at Lost for not letting us hear their conversation, Ben shoots Widmore a billion times in the chest and says, “He doesn’t get to save his daughter.”

Oh. My.

That was Ben at his lovliest! And from then on Ben is stuck to unLocke like glue. He asks who else he needs to kill, they galavant through the jungle and have a conversation about Desmond, Widmore and The Island. unLocke reveals Widmore’s dying words, “Desmond is a failsafe” and when they discover Des is not in the well (someone threw him a rope) unLocke says he is going to use Des to destroy The Island. (<—there may have been a little more to that convo but I think I was getting confused at this point.)


Stuff To Talk About

1. Jacob. I think he’s a wuss. I mean, the wimpy little son of a freaka freak who has taken his mother’s dying wishes hook, line and sinker. Now he’s got this weird complex to protect The Island (and who knows if that is even true!) and make sure someone else does it in his stead. I think Jacob and his Mother made up those rules and they aren’t even rules. I just wonder if The Light isn’t all it’s cracked up to be or if it’s not really what Jacob thinks.

2. Jack. So, he’s the new Jacob. Do you think he’ll die saving The Island? Do you think he and Kate will rule and reign as The Island god and goddess? Or will Kate ride away with Sawyer into the sunset? Will it come down to Jack versus Ben as the new Jacob versus The Man In Black? In what ways is he “like” Jacob now?

3. unLocke. What in the blue blazes is this man doing? I feel like the poor guy has been waiting millenia to get off The Island and now he’s doing it in the worst most ridiculous way ever. So, just to clarify, anytime we saw Christian Shepherd thinking it was Jacob, it was really the Man in Black pulling one over on Ben?

4. Ben. We still have the eternal question here–is he GOOD or BAD?

5. Sideways Land. Oh, wasn’t that fun? It was like good old Lost comedy! I loved it! Des is an absolute crazy man. And Hurley is right along with him. I loved their interaction with Ana Lucia. So, what’s gonna happen with that? Everyone shows up at the concert? And they all have some kind of brain flash? And remember The Island? But then what? What will that do? How will it help them? How could it help Locke? Or Ben? And what about all the others that aren’t around? Eko? Boone? Walt?


Only one more to go. I have no conclusion. I just want to know what happens. Of course, I’m hoping that Sawyer and Juliet go dutch over some coffee. And besides that I hope sideways Locke, Ben and Hurley have good lives. What do you want to see happen?

I also have to admit that I had a headache while watching the show. Not a lost-induced headache, just a regular run-of-the-mill headache. So, if I miss a key point, chalk it up to my headache and head over to Lostpedia and Doc Jensen’s review for some clarity.

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19 thoughts on “Lost Season 6: What They Died For (Episode 16)”

  1. I feel the same as you. I just want answers. I’m read for the ending, and I can’t believe I’m saying that. Jack stepping up to take Jacob’s place was no surprise, but yes, he is different than before. I think Doc Jensen suggested that Jack is going to die in trying to keeping fLocke on the Island and Hurley will be the real protector. A few episodes ago, I was starting to suspect that it would be Hurley anyway.
    I absolutely LOVE Desmond in sideways world. So confident, so in-the-know. He was a like a kid who knew a secret! Loved that.
    I didn’t expect the shooting of Widmore or Smokey taking Richard. Those moments left me feeling very unsettled. Please, please, Richard cannot be dead! And Widmore’s death leaves so many unanswered questions.
    Those are my thoughts…

    1. I can’t think of anything to add but DITTO. I don’t think Richard is dead. (BTW, I keep meaning to tell everyone that one of my friend’s brother is the stunt double for Richard. So the guy you saw taken by Smokey? My friend’s brother. Am I famous?)

      1. Yes, you’re totally famous!!! I can’t wait to tell people….that I kinda have this friend who’s brother has a friend that was a stunt double for a guy on Lost! *snicker* :)

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  3. I have a theory. We are coping. If we’re sorta tired of it and ready for the end, we won’t have this gaping hole when it’s over.
    AND I’m soooo with you on Jacob. I said almost the same thing. He just irks me. And I don’t trust what Mother said (about anything!)for one minute.

  4. I’m actually more curious about what is happening in Sideways land then I am on Lost island land. Call me crazy.

  5. I’m losing faith in Jacob as well, he seems so passive to me. I can’t wait to see how Jacks “baby Mama” is… and I’m with you Amanda.. where is Juliet???

    Sunday needs to get here quick!

  6. My husband and I have been watching this from show 1. I’ve gotten everybody in my family addicted. lol. And now it’s gonna be over. So sad.

    Anyways, I missed the smoke monster bit with Richard cause we were having a tornado warning. But the rest of it I saw. I’m hoping Hurley makes it. He’s been my favorite since the beginning. I think the whole thing is gonna come down to Desmond in both the island and the sideways world. We are gonna be sitting on our behinds all Sunday evening. lol. Lost Party anyone?

    1. Yeah. Des is definitely key. But why? What’s his deal? And how did he become so all-knowing in Sideways Land? And what in the world is he trying to do?

      I SO want to have a Lost Party.

  7. This episodes campfire scene was odd to me. But the whole season has been kind of slow. I’m not complaining but I am hoping that is part of the build for a big twist at the end. I am not convinced that the island is supposed to be protected, or that Richard is dead… Not sure if anyone outside New York has ever heard of these guys, Previously On Lost, but they play rock shows and all their songs are recaps of episodes. They are awesome and it’s something else to look forward to about my favorite show. On top of the finale I can’t wait to hear what they come up with

    1. How fun about the band! I’m gonna look them up. AND I’m w/you on Richard and the protection. Seems so lame. But who knows? We’ll see this week!!

    2. Carlton Cuse tweeted about the band earlier this week:

      We saw the band Previously On Lost in Brooklyn tonight. Awesome! Great meeting everybody.

      They *must* be good if Team Darlton likes them.

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  9. One thing that has me thinking about Sideways Land – Jacob told the Final Four that he brought them to the island because they were alone, and that he marked out Kate’s name because she became a mother. In Sideways Land, many of them aren’t alone – Jack has his son, Claire has the baby and now Jack, Locke is engaged, Ben has Alex to look out for and the possibility of romance with Danielle…
    But Kate and Sawyer still seem pretty alone, so maybe it’s nothing.

  10. It seemed to me like Jack was a little too nonchilant about jumping right into the eternal (or until someone stabs him) task of protecting the island. Would he first ask, “what am I protecting?”, followed by, “why does it need protecting”?

    Also, doesn’t this create the same stalemate there was before? The man in black can’t kill Jacob, and now Jack is like Jacob, so the man in black can’t kill him? But I guess he couldn’t kill him anyway… unless he get’s Ben to do it.

    I still want to know “Mother’s” story and how she was able to figure all this out and pass it along to Jacob.

    Also, I’d like to know how Mr. Whitemore knew about Jacob and if Jacob really came to see him. They just kind of threw that out there and let it be.

    Of course, this will all make sense in the last scene of the last episode, when the camera pans back and we learn this whole ordeal was some little kid playing make-believe with his action figures at the beach.

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