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Lost Season 6: Across the Sea (Episode 15)

Does anyone remember the final episode of last season’s finale? Yeah, it was the Jacob flashback. The first time we got to see Jacob and the first time we even knew of the Man in Black’s existence. When the two brothers (as we are now certain of) sat on the beach they had this conversation:

Man in Black: They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same.
Jacob: It can only end once. Everything before that is progress.

If you go back and read my recap you will see that I responded to this conversation with, “I have NO idea what that means, but wasn’t it ominous? It is destined to be the most dissected conversation in Lost history.” I’m not sure if that’s true, but I did know those words would come back to haunt us. And now we see where they came from…(enter creepy Psycho Norman Bates Hotel music here)


Whew, we just better get straight to the recap because this is some crazy stuff…

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Muppets Invade LOST

Well the production offices anyway. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, LOST’s showrunners are invaded by tourists led by a couple of Muppets. Could there be any signs about the future episodes of LOST in here?

LOST – The Candidate – Season 6, Episode 14

Your normal excellent recap artist @oohamanda is on her own island tonight and unable to complete her button pushing duties. So I’m filling in. This was such an amazing episode, I had to watch every scene twice, if not more, to get everything. I’m sure there’s still stuff I missed too. So please help me fill in the blanks in the comments. Meanwhile here’s my lame attempt to fill oh_amanda’s shoes.

Just Four Hours of LOST left. Let’s dig in.

We open in our alternate LA timeline with Dr. Jack Shepard checking up on Locke who just came out of surgery. He got hit by a car driven by our Desmond, remember. Of course, Jack fixes Locke up fine from the accident and tells Locke he’s a ‘candidate’. Oh, there’s that word. A candidate for an expirimental surgery that might repair his spinal injury that paralyzes him. But for some reason Locke is not interested in the surgery. This, of course, only makes Jack (who must heal everybody) more interested in Locke’s case.

Now, we’re back on the Island and the gang is back together again (well pretty much). Jack was paddled over to Hydra Island by Sayid while Widmore’s henchmen try to stick Sawyer back in the Polar Bear cage. James is, of course, none to happy about that. None the less, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, the Kwons, and pilot guy (why is he still around anyway? plot device?) end up in the cage.

Widmore tells them it’s for their own good and then inquires about whether the anti-blacksmokemonster fence is ready. It’s not, and Scottie in the engine room reports it will take an hour to fix. Captain Widmore tells him he hasn’t got that long, we need warp drive now … Smokey is on the way.

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Lost Season 6: The Last Recruit (Episode 13)

Oh, Losties. I’m sorry my post is a little late in getting up today. Last night’s episode completely hog-tied me. Hog-tied? Hornswaggled. Gobsmacked.  I don’t know. I felt like I was in a giant tractor trailer truck and it was careening down the street and is now slooooowly turning a U-ie. LOST seemed to turn 180 degrees last night (180?!). Everyone that used to be nice was mean. Everyone that used to have faith now doesn’t. Everyone that was together is apart, those that were apart are now together. It actually kinda felt like fan-fiction: if I could write a LOST episode using their typical “join one team, then change your mind and do your own thing and blame it on fate or The Island or Jacob and then have a baddie turn into a good guy, etc. etc.” then this was THAT episode. But at the same time, it was a LOST lover’s dream—we saw reunions, we had the whole cast together (more or less), and it even felt like the first step of our final showdown. The first step to our finale. *sniff* I think I’m just getting sentimental knowing there is only a handful of episodes left for me to devour.

Well, enough of that jibberjabber (apparently I am really into strange words today), let’s get to “The Last Recruit” (oh, how creepy is THAT title?). This was technically a Jack-centric episode. And you know how much I love those. But with all the characters involved, it didn’t seem very Jack-ish. Come to think of it, Jack doesn’t seem very Jack-ish.

OK, here we go:

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Lost Season 6: Everybody Loves Hugo (Epsiode 12)

I read a theory by Doc Jensen about how in the end of Lost our two realities will keep going but in sideways LA, everyone (hopefully) will remember The Island and their experiences will merge in their head making a full complete redeemed character. (I can’t remember what was going to happen to the poor Island Losties.) I kind of like this theory. You know I was dead-set against them NOT knowing about The Island. But if they get to have redeemed better lives, being reunited with their loved ones AND remember The Island, then I kinda like that.

And as I watched last night’s episode featuring our beloved Hurley, I thought this might really be the case. It seemed to good to be true–Hurley is loved, he’s rich, he’s found his true love, he remembers The Island and he’s happy! THEN DESMOND HAPPENED. And that theory totally got thrown out the window. What in the world is going on with Desmond? Desmond is giving me creepy Sayid vibes–on AND off The Island.

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Lost Season 6: Happily Ever After (Episode 11)

I do not watch commercials during Lost. We watch another show until about 9:20 so we can fast forward through the commercials courtesy of our Tivo. Last night we were watching American Idol and after the 4th or 5th off key song, I said, “It’s time. Let’s watch LOST.”  We turned it on and I’m loving it from the first second. I am getting nervous at the absolute ISLAND-NESS of the whole episode. Every single thing that happened in the flashsideways was a complete and utter shout out to its Island mama! Then, in the exact moment when I knew I was correct—that LA was not their REAL life, my DirecTV RESTARTS.

That’s right. It just dies and then gives me a grey screen that said, “Powering up…please wait…” WAIT? WAIT WHEN DANIEL WIDMORE IS SHOWING DESMOND HIS JOURNAL FULL OF PHYSICS THEORIES? WAIT WHILE MS. HAWKINS IS SHOUTING AT DESMOND ABOUT VIOLATIONS AND NOT BEING READY? I think I may have been shaking. We finally get our Tivo screen back up and I click play. The only thing I see is Desmond happily leaning back in his limo. WHAT IN THE WORLD? How could I miss the most important scene of the entire season?!

I finally had to go to bed and dream about what could have been. This morning I got up early and clicked over to and waited for “Happily Ever After” to load. And oh-my-stinking-lostie-goodness. I just don’t think I could be happier unless Juliet and Sawyer had been meeting for coffee while planning their wedding!

So, let’s start talking about this. It’s all fresh in my head so I may need a second to formulate a couple of theories…

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Lost: Season 6: The Package (Episode 10)

Good morning after, losties! Last night’s episode was so full! Full of characters, full of drama and full of craziness! My main question before we even start is about the title of the episode, “The Package”. In a Sun-Jin-centric episode, I don’t quite get the connection. I mean, I know who the package is…but why name the whole episode that? Hmmmm….let’s start talking, ok?

Present Day. LA. Sun & Jin.

Our favorite couple is finally leaving the airport (sans a kabillion of Mr. Paik’s dollars) and on their way to the hotel. When they check in they ask for two rooms because SHOCKER they are not married. (Hmm…these flashsideways get me so confused. I feel like Juliet’s bomb made an impact on all of time, not just 1977.) Soon, Jin and Sun are talking about whether Jin should deliver the watch without the money to Mr. Paik’s…ahem…co-worker. And suddenly, what do you know, Sun and Jin do love each other! In fact, Sun…uhm…well, she de-robes. OK. SO. Now they are giggling over their tryst and Sun tells Jin the reason she came to LA with him was so they could run away together. She has been saving money in a secret account and they can be free of her father!

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