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Lost: Season 6: The Package (Episode 10)

Good morning after, losties! Last night’s episode was so full! Full of characters, full of drama and full of craziness! My main question before we even start is about the title of the episode, “The Package”. In a Sun-Jin-centric episode, I don’t quite get the connection. I mean, I know who the package is…but why name the whole episode that? Hmmmm….let’s start talking, ok?

Present Day. LA. Sun & Jin.

Our favorite couple is finally leaving the airport (sans a kabillion of Mr. Paik’s dollars) and on their way to the hotel. When they check in they ask for two rooms because SHOCKER they are not married. (Hmm…these flashsideways get me so confused. I feel like Juliet’s bomb made an impact on all of time, not just 1977.) Soon, Jin and Sun are talking about whether Jin should deliver the watch without the money to Mr. Paik’s…ahem…co-worker. And suddenly, what do you know, Sun and Jin do love each other! In fact, Sun…uhm…well, she de-robes. OK. SO. Now they are giggling over their tryst and Sun tells Jin the reason she came to LA with him was so they could run away together. She has been saving money in a secret account and they can be free of her father!

Jin doesn’t seem convinced (I think because he knows how cruel Mr. Paik is!) but is interrupted by KEAMY. Oh, how I love to hate Keamy! Keamy soon realizes their conversation is futile because neither Jin or Sun can speak English (!). So, Keamy calls for their friend to interpret. And who is their friend? OH PATCHY, HOW I’VE MISSED YOU! (I have to admit I didn’t recognize him right away.)

They finally come up with a plan–Patchy will take Sun to the bank so she can get some of her money to pay Keamy while Keamy takes Jin to the restaurant.

Sun discovers her father has closed her account and taken all her money. She asks Patchy why he would do that. Patchy says, “Why do you think?” Uh-oh.

Meanwhile Keamy is tying Jin up in the freezer and we discover the real reason Keamy is there–to kill Jin for his relationship with Sun. Too bad Jin didn’t understand a word of his confession. Of course, we know what happens next when our favorite bad guy comes to the restaurant.

Sayid hands Jin a razorblade and throws him a “good luck”. And our unfeeling assassin leaves. When Patchy and Sun arrive, Keamy is still alive but Jin is free…and he’s found a gun. He shoots Patchy (IN THE EYE) and inadvertently shoots Sun in the stomach. To which she replies, “I’m PREGNANT!”

Oh, Sun and Jin. Poor Sun and Jin! And you wonder why I’m a flash-sideways hater!!

The Island.

This one is a little harder to discuss. This is the first itme we’ve seen every living Lostie in one episode since…well, a long long time! So, let’s try a little person-by-person like we used to do. We’ll old-skool it:

Jin: He is kidnapped by Widmores’s people and placed in Room 23 (remember poor Karl was there?). They have the Dharma gridmaps he signed off on in the 70’s. They want Jin to help them find some electromagnetic pockets. Verr-rry intersting. Of coure, he refuses and asks to see Widmore. Widmore  shows Jin Sun’s digital camera with pictures of Ji-Yeon, his daughter. HEARTBREAK. And with this, as all good Lostie baddies do, Widmore convinced Jin to join his team and help keep unLocke on The Island.

Sun: She is in her old garden angrily pulling and weeds and shouting at Jack. She doesn’t want to hear anything about destiny or fate. All she wants to do is save her husband and daughter. Not the world! Soon, unLocke shows up to convince her to go with him and be reunited with Jin. She is terrified of this undead UnLocke and runs. And for some unknown reason she runs straight into a tree and is knocked unconscious. Ben finds her and Jack examines her—all the while she is only speaking Korean. Somehow, the English has been knocked right out of her. She can understand it, but not speak it.

Richard: He returns to our Beach Losties full of spit and fire. He tells them to pack up their stuff–they are going to Hydra to destroy the plane and keep unLocke ON the Island. Sun gives her a piece of her mind (in Korean). She storms off but everyone (especially Ilana) is convinced that Richard knows what he’s doing.

Miles: Busts on Hurley. And plays cards. Poor guy plays games every single episode.

Hurley: Is suddenly ethereal. Almost Jacob-esque.

Jack: Plays Doctor Jack on Sun’s language skills by giving her a pad and paper. Sure enough she can write English. My hero! </sarcasm> He also reprises his role as King of the Island by promising to get Jin and Sun off The Island. Sun must also be longing for Season 1, so she believes him.

unLocke: After his encounter with Sun, he returns to his camp to see his entire flock down on the ground, incapacitated by tranqs from Widmore’s crew. He immediately wakes up Sayid and gives him an assignment and a gun.

Sayid: Confesses to unLocke that he feels nothing: not sadness, pain, happiness or fear. unLocke says, “Maybe it’s best for what’s coming.” *shiver*

Sawyer: Played the role of Random Lostie #1 this week. He got in unLocke’s face and complained, he brought Kate some cocoa and in spite of the SMOKE MONSTER chillin’ in Locke’s body, Sawyer does nothing. How can he not be freaked? Or trying to do something? Why is he sticking around unLocke? {And no I am NOT speaking badly about Sawyer. I am not so easily swayed!}

Kate: Random Lostie #2

Claire: She asks unLocke about the names written in the cave. She seems to want to stay on The Island because she knows that Aaron will never know her as his mother. unLocke is adamant that he needs Claire AND Kate to get off the Island. And then ominously he says, “And once we get on the plane, whatever happens, happens.” My translation: “After we get off the ground, feel free to shoot Kate in the head and claim Aaron for your own.”

Widmore: Before his encounter with Jin, he meets unLocke ont he beach. And this was my favorite conversation of the night:

W: Do you know who I am?

L: Do you know who *I* am?

W: I know you’re not John Locke. All I know is something of myths and fairytales.

L: You know more than you say, look at these pylons. A wise man once said, “A war is coming. I think it just got here.” (<–wasn’t it Locke who said that?!) Oh, it was Widmore himself! To Ben! Thanks, Doc Jensen!)

{ok, so it wasn’t word for word. but you get the idea.}

Zoe: She’s the Tina Fey look alike with the mean whistle. Apparently she is actually a geophysicist that is in charge of Widmore’s expedition to The Island. Widmore tells her to go get “the package” and deliver it to the infirmary. She agrees and  is then seen escorting a drugged person off the submarine.

The Package: DESMOND. I knew our Brotha’ would come back to The Island! Last time we saw him he was leaving Mr. Hawking’s church telling them they were all crazy and would NEVER go back to The Island! We knew  THAT wasn’t going to happen. But the best part? As a drugged Desmond walks off the sub, who does he see swimming in the water below? Sayid, the unfeeling.

cue: Black Screen O’ Lost

Stuff To Talk about
1. Flash-Sideways. Just as I’ve been not “feeling” where we’re headed on The Island, I am not remotely sure where we are headed in LA. I know they two realities are in fact two realities. But they just feel related. The whole no English thing in both realities? The overlapping of characters? I mean, where will this story end? Will they all be together? Or will they have all just mingled once and then go on their merry way the better (or worse) for meeting?

2. Widmore vs. unLocke vs. Jacob. Are there two sides? Or three?

3. Desmond. Why does Widmore need Desmond? What has he known all along about Desmond? Has he tried to push Penny and Desmond away because of this knowledge?

After last week’s Richard-awesome-ness I knew this one could be a letdown. But I liked this episode. I love seeing all the characters. I miss the cozy beach and the us-vs-them stuff. I still don’t get why the whole episode was called “the package”–was it a pun b/c Jin was delivering a package? Sun was hiding a package? And Desmond? If so, that’s lame. Anywhoo. It’s neither here nor there–the episode was deliciously LOST and we better get a little more Des next week!

14 thoughts on “Lost: Season 6: The Package (Episode 10)”

  1. “2. Widmore vs. unLocke vs. Jacob. Are there two sides? Or three?”


    This one has my head spinning (um… they all do) we paused it and talked for a while about who the package would be and among all the names we came up with Des was not one of them but it almost makes perfect sense. Widmore was not wanting Des in Penny’s life for not the reasons we assumed.

    Great recap and i can’t wait to read others comments.

    1. I’m sure we’ve never seen them together. But I wonder if we saw Widmore/Hawking talk about him when they were on The Island? Or Ben/Widmore talking about him? I can’t remember.

      Regardless, he definitely worked alongside Richard and we know now that Richard was/is Jacob’s mouthpiece.

  2. You missed a very important (imho) line. Re-watch the scene where Keamy is tying Jin up, and listen carefully to what he says in Jin’s ear. “in case you figure out what’s happening (mumble) island.”

    1. Yeah, I heard a few people say that online this morning. But I just did not hear that. I thought he said something like, “What you got yourself into” or something. Anyway, I’ve still got in on the TIVO. That DOES make a difference if that’s what he said!!

  3. Oh, and we got another mirror-look; as Sun readied her hair (why?) to open the door (to Keamy), she looked in the mirror and second-glanced herself.

  4. I thought this episode did a great job of advancing our island story and I think we’ll find that Widmore knew a lot about Desmond from the beginning.

    The line about a war coming was from Widmore to the real John Locke–watch the Life and Death of Jeremy Benthem. He says it just before Abbadon picks up Locke in Tunisa.

  5. Charles Widmore never was a bad guy. He only treated Desmond the way he did to keep Penny from being hurt because he knew that Desmond would have to go to the island. Desmond is special and the rules don’t apply to him. He can use the electromagnetic anomaly to destroy the MIB (and my guess is that will put the island under water) because he is the only one who can come in contact with the electromagnetism and not be harmed.

    Also, in Season 4 Finale when the island “disappeared” as the Oceanic 6 were flying back on the helicopter…didn’t it look like the island went under the water? Perhaps when the island “moves” it goes under water…perhaps the island has been under water since Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel at the end of Season 4. Just a thought.

  6. I wasn’t sure about this episode until unLocke went to Hydra and had the confrontation with Widmore. I need to rewatch that because I feel like there was something really significant about their conversation.

    I don’t think that Jin had a mirror moment, only Sun. (that I remember, anyway)

    And I love Richard (swoon) when he storms into camp and takes charge!

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