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Lost Season 6: The End (Episode 17)

Beware, losties. Spoilers begin immediately…

I think I’ve been saying it all along—this season has been about bringing everything and everyone full circle. It started off with the little asides and hat tips to The Island in Sideways Land. And then as it began to close more and more, the connections got almost freaky. The last 10 minutes of the finale I must have said, “They’re killin’ me. What is going on?” about 23 times. I could not wrap my brain around it. It was definitely not what I was expecting. But it was oddly satisfying. Bittersweet and still a little painful when I think about the implications of what it means for our Lostie’s FIRST and REAL Island reality. But still…satisfying.

I’m not sure how to do a full and detailed recap of this episode. But I do think it would be fitting to begin with The End…

The Big Question and The Big Answer: What Happened?

Since the pilot episode people have been speculating that the Losties were indeed dead and The Island was pergutory or some part of hell itself. So, to discover that The Island was as real as real can be and Sideways Land was a limbo of some kind and they ARE all dead there was just…shocking. And fitting. And really kinda funny. I can see the writers laughing at us every time someone mentioned the Losties being dead. Smirking because actually, that was kinda true!

Even after Kate and Jack’s conversation at the concert and Ben and Locke’s (beautiful) conversation outside the church, I was still hoping for some kind of big care-bear-stare to The Island. Some kind of real and big reunion where they all descend into the Hatch and live happily ever after.

So, when Christian appeared and was really “alive” I felt duped. How could Christian be alive?! Then suddenly Jack realizes that HE is dead? Wait! They are both dead? How are they both dead and in LA? And the more Christian talked and explained, the more confused I got.

Jack asked, “Are you real? Where are we now?” which has been almost the same questions we’ve been asking for six years. Christians says, “There is no now. No here.” They just are. This whole of Sideways Land has been a place THEY created so they could get back together.  Their time on The Island was the most important thing that has ever happened in their lives and they all needed to be back together. Not to accomplish something—just to be.

Christian tells Jack that they have all died–“some before you, some long after” but now they are all together to move on. So, when Juliet died. She died. Bitterly. When Charlie sacrificed himself. He did. He died. When Sawyer died…as an old man, or a broken con-man back in LA, he will be really truly dead. And everyone lived on without them. But when their eternal souls left their Island bodies, they went to Sideways Land, to wait for the most important people in their lives–their Lostie friends.

They’ve been living this “fan fiction” until they were all together. Just like their Island lives it had to be all of them together. And when they all arrived and all understood, the Shepherd really could lead them into the everlasting. Into The Light.

Wow. I feel like I just wrote a sermon.

Seeing all of the Losties together, hugging and smiling. Oh, it was a reunion. A beautiful-finally-this-is-what-I’ve-been-waiting-for reunion! And as they sat in the pews almost like they were sitting on a plane and were happy, smiling, looking ahead with the light overtaking them, well…it was just perfect. And complete. Our Losties were back togehter and redeemed. That’s what everyone (ok, I) have wanted since the beginning–redeemed Losties.

Now. Was that complete twaddle? Do we need to get to the real actual events? OK. If you’re still with me, I’ll try to accomodate…

Sideways Land (aka Almost Heaven)

DESMOND and KATE are in the car, Kate dressed for the concert. She watches an Oceanic truck pull up to a church to deliver CHRISTIAN’s body. Desmond signs for the body and when he gets back in the car Kate says, “Who died?” Desmond replies, “Christian Shepherd.” Kate laughs. “Christian Shepherd? Seriously?” (Can we say foreshadowing?!)

SAYID and HURLEY drive to a hotel and Hurley pulls a tranquilizer gun out of the glove compartment. He says, “Seriously? This isn’t ringing a bell? Me and you? Tranq gun? Hotel?” Sayid is bewildered and Hurley says he’ll do it alone, then. He knocks on a hotel room door to see a drunk Charlie. And he smiles. Oh, Hurley’s smile! It was like, “Dude. I haven’t seen you in so long. And I love you so much. I’m so happy!” But he didn’t say anything. He just smiled. And tried to get Charlie to come with him. And when that didn’t work–he shot him with the tranqulizer gun. Sayid is even more confused when Hurley throws an unconscious Charlie in  the back of the Hummer.

Next stop for our dynamic duo is a bar. Or alley. Or some other shoddy place. Hurley tells Sayid the same thing he told him season one, “You’re a good guy.” And it messes with Sayid. He’s still the tortured individual (not torturer) who wan’ts to be good but can’t stop being bad. Suddenly, he sees a girl and a guy fighting in the street. He can’t stop himself and runs to the alley to do one last crazy-kung-fu-bad-to-the-bone move on the guy. When he reaches down to help the girl he flashes on her…on SHANNON. They remember everything and then kiss for all it’s worth.

I don’t even like Shannon and it was a tear worthy moment! (Seriously, no Nadia?) But the best part was BOONE leaning over Hurley’s passenger’s seat window with a bloody nose saying, “Do you know how hard it was for me to get her here from Australia?

MILES arrives at his dad’s concert. When he does, he sees Sayid in the Hummer. So, he calls his partner, SAWYER and tells him that the transport to County Jail never arrived. Sawyer jumps up and runs straight to the hospital (FINALLY) to make sure Sun is safe.

SUN and JIN are in the hospital speaking to one another in Korean. Jin tells Sun the doctor is on the way to look at the baby. And which doctor walks in? JULIET. How did I not guess this?! Oh, perfectly perfect! She speaks to them and then realizes that they do not speak English. She does an ultrasound (which by the way, for her flat stomach, that was like the best ultrasound I’ve ever seen in my life!) and when Sun sees the baby she flashes on another ultrasound done by Juliet–in a steamy underground hatch on The Island. She begins to cry and says, “I remember!” Jin hears the heartbeat and suddenly he remembers—rubbing Sun’s pregnant stomach in their tent, running to each other on the beach and then, yes, dying in the sub. It was heart-wrenching! And oh, it was beautiful. Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjim Kim were just amazing during this. You could see their love and relief and heart-break. *shiver*

Juliet says, “Do you want to know if it’s a boy or a girl?” The Kwons answer her in perfect English, “Her name is Ji Yeon.” Juliet is slightly confused but leaves happily. Jin and Sun just smile lovingly at each other.

Finally, Sawyer arrives at the hospital. First he passes Juliet in the elevator (ACK!) and then enters the Kwons room. They see him and smile a silly Hurley smile, too. Like they want to take Sawyer in their arms and hug him. Sawyer gives him his cop speech and the Kwons happily refuse. They simply say, “We’ll see you there.” and then leave the room.

This is when everything starts seeming a little more ethereal and super natural. Freaky.

Sawyer leaves the room and finds the vending machine where he buys an Apollo bar (of course!) but it gets stuck. While he’s trying to fish it out, who appears? FINALLY. Juliet. They quip and flirt about the vending machine and when she passes the Apollo bar to him, they touch. And electricity rips between them. They back away because the memories and emotions were so strong. Sawyer says, “Did you feel that?” Juliet says, “Maybe we should go get coffee sometime.” Typical Sawyer says, “I’ve only got a dollar, that machine ate my last one.” To which Juliet replies (everyone together!), “We can go dutch.” And here they touch again and suddenly aren’t looking at each other, they are looking into their memories–their Dharma house, their life together, the flower, the bomb, her death–all of it. And when they look into each other’s eyes again, it’s like they can’t believe it. “Juliet? It’s me. It’s me, baby. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” and they are hugging and kissing and crying and laughing. It was PERFECT. {would you be creeped out to know that I just wiped huge tears from my eyes?}


That could be the end for me, but let’s keep going…

Kate, Desmond, Jack’s son, Claire, Faraday, Eloise, Charlotte and some other random Losties are at the concert. (Yes, it is the Faraday/Drive Shaft concert.) When Charlie arrives on stage he can’t stop looking at Claire. She sees him and has a contraction. So, she walks away and wanders backstage (that’s handy). Kate follows her and yes, we have Aaron’s delivery Part 2. As Kate is instructing Claire on what to do, she flashes to The Island. She sees her doing this same thing and suddenly she remembers everything. When Claire finally delivers Aaron and holds him in her arms, she remembers. They are both laughing and crying when Charlie appears. Claire grabs his hand and he flashes. “Charlie.” “Claire?!” (I had forgotten how much I loved Charlie.)

And now for our final Ben and Locke conversation…

Locke arrives in a wheelchair at the church. He sees Ben sitting outside and says, “Benjamin.” To which Ben responds, “John.” And we know that they both KNOW. Ben is obviously remorseful and being very introspective. He apologizes for what he did to Locke. He says he was jealous because Locke was special. And Locke forgives him. They both seemed very honest and fulfilled. Locke heads inside the building and Ben decides to stay outside because “he’s got some more to deal with” but then suggests that Locke doesn’t need the wheelchair anymore. To which Locke responds by boldly standing up and walking to the church. It was lovely.

Hurley then pokes his head out and says to Ben, “Aren’t you coming in?” Ben, “No, I’ve got some more thinking to do.” Hurley understands and says, “You were a good number two.” Ben, “You were a good number one.” (We’ll get to that in a minute…)

Now what about our doc? Jack?

He has been avoiding the memories. He successfuly operates on Locke. And when Locke wakes up (too quickly in Jack’s opinion) he can already wiggle his toes. Which of course, reminds him of something else…Locke instantly remembers everything and when Jack has a flash to The Island asks him about it. But Jack thinks something is wrong with him. He backs away and says, “I’m going to see my son.” Locke says, “You don’t have a son!” But in his typical man-of-faith attitude, it sounds happy and hopeful!

When Jack finally arrives at the concert he sees Kate. He thinks he knows her and she they begin to talk. His memories are coming more but the man-of-science won’t let himself remember. She leads him to the church and says, “You can go around back. I’ll meet you inside.”

He obeys and when he enters he sees his father’s coffin.  He touches it. And remembers. And then Christian appears…{and you can go back to the top, to see what happens then…}

Now. Back to The Island for the last time…

This can really be broken down into two parts: (1)Miles, Richard and Lapidus work on the plane while delivering funny one-liners and harried facial expressions. (2) Jack and unLocke fighting.

Because #1 is really quite uneventful, I’m just going to hit on the main Jack and unLocke story. Is that ok?

Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer are heading to the “heart of The Island” to protect The Light. Jack knows that unLocke will be there, that his goal is to destroy The Island. unLocke and Ben are also headed there…yes, to destroy The Island. But on their way, they make a stop—to find Desmond. And where is he? Well, he’s with our last character-tie-up storyline, of course—Rose and Bernard’s hut! They broke their own don’t-get-involved rule to help poor Desmond.

unLocke appears and threatens to kill Rose and Bernard if Desmond doesn’t come with him. Of course, he goes. And a little too happily, if you ask me.

They meet up with our original Losties and have a very amiable conversation about what will happen next. unLocke, Desmond and Jack will travel down to The Light. And he will do what needs to be done (which no one but Desmond seems to know what that is) which will ultimately render either unLocke or Jack the victor of The Island. Either The Island will be destroyed or Jack will have the ability to kill Locke.

When they get to the mouth of the cave where The Light is, unLocke ties a rope to a tree while Jack ties the other end to Desmond. Desmond tells Jack he’s ready to do this because he knows he’ll go someplace else. He then tells Jack that there is more, that there is another life and Jack has a son. But Jack is steadfast. He tells Desmond, “Whatever happened, happened.” (I had to listen to that conversation twice and I still didn’t catch everything, brotha’.)

Desmond is lowered down by Misters Yin and Yang. He gets to the bottom to see a pool of light and an ancient carved stone in the middle. He walks into the middle of The Light and pulls on the stone–the stopper. And the light is sucked down out of the pool. The light is indeed out.

And The Island begins to destroy itself. unLocke says, “I guess you were wrong” and begins to leave.” But Jack punches him and unLocke is surpised to see he has blood on his lip. Our forever-and-ever Smokey is now mortal. Jack says, “I guess you were wrong.” They pummell each other a little more until unLocke bashes Jack on the head with a rock. unLocke leaves Jack in the pouring rain.

The rest of our Losties are just enjoying the pouring rain, earthquakes and falling rocks while trying to get back to the plane via unLocke’s/Desmond’s boat.

unLocke arrives first. Followed by Jack. And the best fight since Sawyer and Jack pre-bomb ensues. Finally, unLocke gets a grip on his knife and stabs Jack. A death wound. Just then a shot rings out. Kate shoots unLocke in the back. He tries to get up but Jack kicks him off the cliff. Our last view of him is a splayed broken man on the rocks. (So eerily similar to the many times we’ve seen a poor broken John Locke.)

The rest of our Losties arrive and they try to decide what to do. The Man in Black is dead but The Island is still destroying itself. Jack thinks he needs to undo whatever Desmond did. He’s vowed to protect The Island and he will. Ben says he will go with him, “If The Island is going down, I’m going with it.” Hurley says, “I’m with you, Jack.” So, Kate and Sawyer are the only ones going to the plane.

Oh, I was worried about this. No way are they going to get Kate and Sawyer back together. But it was unnecessary worry. Jack tells Kate to go back to save Claire. They fall into each other’s arms crying, kissing and murmuring their undying love. She begs him to promise they will see each other again. Then they go their separate ways. (Yes, I *did* have a tear in my eye!)

Jack is prepared to go into the cave but Hurley protests. He knows it’s a suicide mission. Jack explains that Hurley should be the next guardian of The Island. They seal it by fittingly drinking out of a Dharma issued water bottle.

Jack descends and finds a despondant Desmond. He ties him to the rope and says, “Go back to your family.” Then Jack turns to finish his job. He plugs the hole and soon the water begins to trickle in. A crying, hurting, dying, laughing Jack lays in the water and The Light pours over him.

Hurley and Ben pull Desmond out of the cave. Hurley realizes that Jack is gone. He doesn’t want to protect The Island. He doesn’t think he can do it alone. So, he asks Ben to help him. Ben is surprised…more than surprised. He’s shocked. He says, “I would be honored.” (And that’s what makes the Number One and Number Two comment so beautifully sweet!)

We leave our two Island guradians to see Kate, Claire (yeah, they grabbed her on the beach) and Sawyer catching the plane while Lapidus is just about to pull away. They are hopping the plane is going to take off and as they pick up speed…

Jack awakens at the bottom of the creek–in the same spot where the Man in Black died. He wanders through the jungle–it was a complete circle from his first landing on The Island–he’s wandering through the jungle, seeing everything almost for the first time. Realizing he’s saved The Island. Realizing he’s done his job…what he was suppsoed to do. He falls on the gorund, unable to go on and VINCENT shows up to lay next to him. And suddenly he sees Ajira 316 flying above him. He saved his friends. And then. He dies. We see his one eye close.

The Final Black Screen o’Lost.

Stuff To Talk About.

1. Jack. I love him. OK. I do. I’m sorry.

2. Island Time. So, time went on. We just didn’t see the end. Lapidus, Miles, Richard, Kate, Claire and Sawyer went home. Hurley and Ben stayed on The Island. Who knows what happened to them, how their lives ended. Kate and Claire had to figure out how to parent Aaron. Sawyer lived on without Juliet. Richard had to live in a world 100s of years after his own. Hurley and Ben became the kings of The Island. So heart-breaking. But it was also so lovely because regardless of their stories, they got their final happy ending.

3. Ben. I love him, too. His redemption at the end may have been my favorite. I got the feeling that he did not want to accept his “real life”. The world they created in Sideways Land showed him as a loving and good man. I think that’s who he really was. He got lost and blinded and twisted by the Man in Black, by Jacob and The Island. But somehow, somewhere he wanted to be that man he was in Sideways Land. So, as all his friends are making their way to the happy reunion and their happy ever after, Ben chooses to sit outside. To not be the golden boy. To not be special. But to deal with what he did. To accept it. And depending on the after-life-theology, he is either working out his redemption or doomed to be separated from his friends forever. I do get the feeling it was his choice–he could have gone with the Losties into The Light and been accepted. But he couldn’t make that choice then. I just loved that story line. I wonder when and why and how Ben remembered his former life?

4. Suliet! Suliet! Suliet! Suliet!

5. Stuff We Didn’t Talk About. Juliet and Jack were married in Sideways Land. Ben telling Hurley that he can make his own Island rules. Desmond talking about “leaving”.  Where were Michael and Walt? Why wasn’t Faraday in the church? Why was Christian really The Shepherd? Mile’s duct tape quote. Charlotte and Faraday’s meeting.


I already talked too much. I doubt you even read it all. That’s ok. I had to get it out anyway. In the seconds following the episode, I felt weird. I didn’t get it at first. I wanted ANSWERS. Instead we got STORIES. And really, that *is* what I wanted. It was lovely that their relationships overtook The Island mythology. As much as I want to know more about Mother and what was up with Jacob and the Man in Black (including his name!), I love that it’s still an enigma. I love that there is the feeling of more heartbreak and more sadness and more adventure. But that the final redemption did come to light. That everyone (at least everyone I love) is together and happy.

From reading twitter last night, there are lots of haters. But Lost, you’ve been good to me. Thank you for a wonderful story!

Talk to me, Losties. What did you think? I’ll be responding in the comments (and probably leaving my own) because I know there is about 815 other things I want to say…

Don’t forget about me! I’ll be at The Disney Blog more but I’m also at every day!