Disney’s Cinderella Featurette – “Love Story”


Richard Madden and Lily James have a real connection in the fairy tale story Cinderella, Disney’s live-action remake of its animated classic. Follow the tale of Ella and the charming Prince Kit as they defy expectations and deny the powers that be to find true love.

Here’s a new featurette from the producers of Cinderella the follows the love story in the movie:

Full plot synopsis below:

New Cinderella TV spot adds new layer of intrigue to the classic tale


Is there more to the “Cinderella” story than you thought? A new TV spot called “Conspiracy” adds a layer of intrigue to the classic tale:

A new full trailer for Cinderella will come out this Wednesday.

In the meantime Director Kenneth Branagh was recently interviewed about how he’s bringing some of his Shakespearean drama to the classic tale. Also, that the story is about a man rescuing a woman, that Ella has equality in the relationship.

See the full plot synopsis below the jump:

Emma Watson cast as Belle in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast movie

Big news out of Burbank this morning. The rumors are true. Disney plans to follow up Cinderella with a live-action interpretation of its classic animated feature “Beauty and the Beast.” Actress Emma Watson, from the Harry Potter movies, has been…

Countdown to Cinderella Preview at Midnight


While you’re counting down to Midnight tonight, be sure to flip over to ABC to see a brand new sneak peek at Cinderella. The preview will air just before the clock strikes 12 tonight.

See Disney’s Cinderella, featuring a new Frozen Short, “Frozen Fever,” in theaters March 13

Full plot synopsis below:

New Character posters from Disney’s Live-Action Cinderella

Cinderella - Ella and Prince

We previously saw a poster for Cinderella that featured beautiful artwork from photographer Annie Leibovitz, today we have three new posts that introduce us to some of the characters in the film.

There’s Ella and the Prince, The Fairy Godmother, and the wicked stepmother along with Ella’s two stepsisters. Check out those amazing costumes too.

Cinderella -The Wicked Stepmother

Cinderella - Fairy Godmother

Cinderella will open in theaters on March 13, 2015. The full plot synopsis is below the jump

Disney’s Cinderella Photo Gallery & Plot Synposis


If you’re any sort of Disney fan, then you’re familiar with the story of Cinderella — the poor child whose mother dies and is left in the care of a wicked stepmother who favors her own two daughters over Ella. The original animated Disney classic is very nearly perfection, so why then would Disney want to remake it for modern audiences? I think the answer lays in the question.

The technical abilities of movies has progressed so far in just the last few years, that Disney really can pull off a live action version of the movie. They can even give away so much in the trailer, because they know that audiences already love the story, the movie will allow new audiences to experience the story in a deeper more nuanced way.


When you look at these photos that were provided by Disney Studios to promote the film, you can see how richly detailed the world created for this movie is. From amazing costumes to set decorations that are over the top. There’s lots of scenery to be chewed as well. And yes, there are friendly mice and a fairy godmother as well.

More photos and the official plot synopsis below: