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Cinderella Waltzes Away With Weekend Box Office Win


In the new live-action remake of Disney’s classic Cinderella, we learn that those who are kind and have courage will find life has its rewards if you just persevere. The movie itself didn’t have to wait long. It is Box Office Royalty right out the gate, taking in $70 million at North American box office.

It’s no surprise that moviegoers turned out to see Disney’s latest princess film, even if it is just a revisit of a classic one. Last year Maleficent took in a similar $69 million in domestic box office and Frozen also helped rekindle interest in the princess genre.

When you add in Cinderella’s international box office of $62.5 million, it has earned a grand total of $132 million. Considering it cost Disney around $95 million to make the movie, it’s already a winner. Audiences agree as well, with CinemaScore reporting an ‘A’ grade from audiences.

If you’ve seen the film and wondered how some of the scenes lined up with the original animated classic, Disney has recut the Cinderella animated movie to match up with the trailer for the new Cinderella.

Did you see Cinderella this weekend? What did you think of the movie?

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