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Disney’s beloved and empowering fairytale told in a new beautiful way, Cinderella, arrives on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere September 15th. The bonus features include over 12 minutes of additional scenes, the “Frozen Fever” theatrical short…

Disney and Saks Fifth Avenue Unveil Cinderella Luxury Designer Shoe Collection in New York City

Pictured top (from left to right): René Caovilla, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jimmy Choo, Paul Andrew Pictured bottom (from left to right): Charlotte Olympia, Alexandre Birman, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jerome C. Rousseau, Stuart Weitzman
Pictured top (from left to right): René Caovilla, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jimmy Choo, Paul Andrew
Pictured bottom (from left to right): Charlotte Olympia, Alexandre Birman, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jerome C. Rousseau, Stuart Weitzman

Just ahead of the March 13 release of Disney’s live action film “Cinderella,” Disney Consumer Products and Saks Fifth Avenue launched a fairy tale collection of luxury designer shoes that reimagine Cinderella’s iconic glass slipper for grown up fans of the classic story.

The collection was unveiled with the stars of the film, Lily James and Richard Madden, via six store windows at the Saks flagship store in Manhattan.


Cinderella A Refreshing Remake of Disney Classic


Walt Disney’s original animated classic “Cinderella” was visually stunning and masterfully animated. Based on a fairy tale from Charles Perrault, and with beautiful songs and orchestration, it won over theater audiences and helped cement the Disney Studios as the leader in feature animation.

So when news came out that Disney was remaking the movie with a live action cast, the question was why? When I heard that Kenneth Branagh would be directing, I felt a bit better. But it was costume designer Sandy Powell’s costumes that really sealed the deal for me. Even if Cinderella was a 2 hour parade of Powell’s gorgeous costumes, I would have left satisfied.

The good news, is that the rest of the movie works too. It is a refreshing take on the fairy tale that we all know and love with lessons we can all take to heart. Branagh revisited the original Perrault fairy tale and incorporated some more modern motivations to make the film more relevant for today’s audiences. The story actually works better once Cinderella (Lily James) has a little agency.

That agency is delivered to Ella by her parents. First by her mom (played suitably by Hayley Atwell) who tells her to “have courage and be kind,” and by her father who teachs her the strength to endure. She’ll need both of these in spades once her parents die (at least both mom and dad die in this one instead of just mom). Actually dying parents is a fairly strong theme in this movie, something to be aware of if your kids have recently lost any one close to them.

Thoughts During Movies: Cinderella


I just got out of seeing Cinderella in IMAX, and boy do I have some thoughts. Time for another “Thoughts During Movies” segment. For those unaware, I tend to have a lot of random tidbits I think about during Disney films, and instead of a regular review, I give you my stream of consciousness to show you how the movie was for me. If that didn’t make any sense…just read below and you’ll get the gist.

  • My dad coming home would be enough…an origami butterfly is just a waste of paper.
  • Lavender Blue?! I only know the Burl Ives version (especially when sung by Ashley Brown! #OnTheRecord), but this is just charming!
  • Hayley Atwell and Lily James look amazingly alike. Are we sure they aren’t related?
  • Oscar for the Costume and Hair/Make-Up. Now. I don’t have any right to hand those out, but here ya go. Exquisite.
  • This makes me, once again, angry that when a Disney film has a “regal” quality, they only make special merchandise and amazing themed clothing for women. I would like a line of Prince, or hell, Cinderella, inspired clothes and shoes and WHATEVER! I would spend hundreds of dollars…COME ON DISNEY! Rant over.

Disney’s Live-Action Battle: Brandy’s 1997 ‘Cinderella’ vs. Lily James’ 2015 ‘Cinderella’

Editors Note: Please welcome new guest author Sabrina Jones:


The newest Disney movie coming to the big screen is ‘Cinderella’ as a live-action remake of the famous Disney animated film of the same name. The new ‘Cinderella’ stars Lily James (Wrath of the Titans, Downtown Abbey) as the title character, Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) as Prince Charming, Cate Blanchett (Lord of the Rings, Benjamin Button) as the deliciously evil stepmother Lady Tremain, and finally Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, almost any Tim Burton film) as the newly re-designed Fairy Godmother.

This newest re-telling of the Cinderella story brings a new live-action, modern re-telling. Now lets take a trip down memory lane and realize that this is not the first time Disney has done a modern re-telling of a live-action Cinderella. In 1997, there was the updated Rodgers and Hammerstein ‘Cinderella’ made as a direct to TV movie for the ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ series. This version starred Brandy Norwood (Moesha) as Cinderella, Paolo Montalban (Mortal Kombat) as the Prince, Bernadette Peters (Broadway Goddess!) as the evil Stepmother, and Whitney Houston (no explanation needed) as the Fairy Godmother. Each of these films is quite different.

Disney’s Cinderella World Premiere Photos

Kenneth Branagh, Cate Blanchett, Holliday Grainger, Lily James, Sophie McShera (Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ ABImages)
Kenneth Branagh, Cate Blanchett, Holliday Grainger, Lily James, Sophie McShera (Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ ABImages)

A little rain could not dampen the spirits of Disney’s Cinderella world premiere last night. Just like at the Oscars the El Capitan erected a big tent to cover the stat studded red carpet and the show went on as planned.

Many of the guests came dressed for a ball of Cinderella proportions too. Lily James, who plays the title character, looked stunning in her dress. Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera held up their end of the deal as the step-sisters as well. Plus Cate Blanchett looks fantastic as always.

Actresses Cate Blanchett, Holliday Grainger, Lily James and Sophie McShera  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Lots more celebrity goodness to see in the photo gallery below:

New Cinderella Clip – Meeting the future Stepmother


Disney’s live action Cinderella promises to be a wonderful remake of the classic animated fairy tale we’re all familiar with. From those who have already seen the film, we hear that Cate Blanchett makes a wonderfully wicked stepmother, in fact, her grand entrance is a real piece of work.

Watch what happens with Cinderella meets Lady Tremaine, her future stepmother, for the first time.

Yes, that’s a cat on a leash. Cinderella dances into theaters March 13th.

Full plot synopsis below the jump: