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Thoughts During Movies: Cinderella


I just got out of seeing Cinderella in IMAX, and boy do I have some thoughts. Time for another “Thoughts During Movies” segment. For those unaware, I tend to have a lot of random tidbits I think about during Disney films, and instead of a regular review, I give you my stream of consciousness to show you how the movie was for me. If that didn’t make any sense…just read below and you’ll get the gist.

  • My dad coming home would be enough…an origami butterfly is just a waste of paper.
  • Lavender Blue?! I only know the Burl Ives version (especially when sung by Ashley Brown! #OnTheRecord), but this is just charming!
  • Hayley Atwell and Lily James look amazingly alike. Are we sure they aren’t related?
  • Oscar for the Costume and Hair/Make-Up. Now. I don’t have any right to hand those out, but here ya go. Exquisite.
  • This makes me, once again, angry that when a Disney film has a “regal” quality, they only make special merchandise and amazing themed clothing for women. I would like a line of Prince, or hell, Cinderella, inspired clothes and shoes and WHATEVER! I would spend hundreds of dollars…COME ON DISNEY! Rant over.

  • SHE HATES HER DAUGHTERS TOO! At least we can all agree on SOMETHING.
  • Really enjoyed how they allowed them to meet in the woods, nice addition to the story.
  • The cuckoo clock sound in the distance is a fantastic little add-on to the scene.
  • The goose motif has no real purpose.
  • Is it bad I agree with Lady Tremaine? That pink dress is kind of ugly.
  • Helena Bonham Carter, please narrate my life story.
  • “Hairy Dog Father” is my new favorite phrase.
  • The quick gag of Ella holding the Fairy Godmother’s wand is hysterical and amazing.
  • “I can’t drive; I’m a goose” is my new favorite phrase.
  • As they were announcing the princesses as they entered the ballroom, I really was hoping to hear “Introducing: Princess Mia of Genovia!”
  • The way Ella walks into that ballroom and everyone looks at her is remarkable. I would’ve been crying of stage fright, then running down the stairs to avoid eye contact.
  • Tremaine becoming a stage mom from Toddlers and Tiaras was completely involuntary, but absolutely amazing.
  • This score is remarkable, one of those that I could listen to whilst doing homework, walking outside, knitting a scarf out of alpaca hair, etc.
  • It’s my Secret Garden
  • Kenneth Branagh, please direct my dreams.
  • I would and could argue that Cate Blanchett deserves an Oscar nomination for her exceptional work in this movie.
  • She is now inside a pumpkin…that is the stuff of nightmares.
  • They are almost TOO beautiful, hopefully this makes them huge stars.
  • Tremaine sitting in the back of the attic is rather frightening and simultaneously stunning.
  • The mice save the day. I repeat: THE MICE SAVE THE DAY?!
  • His eyes match her dress. I CAN’T EVEN!
  • And they lived happily ever after…until a really bad pop song played in the credits. HAVE LILY JAMES’ “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” PLAY FIRST!

Overall, this film took my breath away. It was a gorgeous epic spectacle with amazing performances, extraordinary chemistry and less mice (which makes me kind-of-sort-of hate the animated classic). Be sure to see this film ASAP, and if possible, in IMAX.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts During Movies: Cinderella”

  1. In order to qualify for the original song Oscar that first song has to begin no later than the start of the credits. Personally I adored Helena’s version of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo at the very end of the credits

  2. Key Question of the night… What exact size is the glass slipper because I’d like one in every color please and thank you.

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