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10 Recent lawsuits targeting Disney Parks

The Hollywood Reporter has a smart line up of 10 recent lawsuits to target a Disney park. Some are more legitimate than others… and at least none are threatening to sue Disney for a stone dropping off the castle and hitting them (it’s fiberglass in… Read More »10 Recent lawsuits targeting Disney Parks

New Florida Law to protect theme parks from Lawsuits

A new law has been passed that prevents Florida attractions from being sued by customers. The legislation (SB 2440) is designed to overturn a December 2008 state Supreme Court ruling that invalidated parental waivers, which have long been used by businesses around the state that… Read More »New Florida Law to protect theme parks from Lawsuits

Who Sued Roger Rabbit?

Remember the legal wrangling over Winnie the Pooh?  That kept lawyers employed for decades.  But that’s old news.  The news these days, especially in legal circles, is about Roger Rabbit.  From Reuters/Hollywood Reporter comes this report on the fight between author Gary Wolf and Disney… Read More »Who Sued Roger Rabbit?

Magnetic Brakes Attract Lawsuit

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Phil Milford of Bloomberg News writes that Disney and other theme park companies are being sued over mangnetic roller coaster brakes.  The other companies include Universal, Busch, Six Flags, and Cedar Fair. Safety Braking holds exclusive licenses to the patents, one from Magnetar Technologies Corp., based in Seal Beach, California, and the other from G&T… Read More »Magnetic Brakes Attract Lawsuit

Busch Garden Denies Amputee, is Sued

Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida is facing a lawsuit from an amputee who wasn’t allowed to ride Montu, a roller-coaster where guests sit and legs dangle as they travel through multiple loops. This time its businessman Cary Frounfelter who manufacturers and sells artificial limbs. Frounfelter was taken off the ride while his 10-year old daughter… Read More »Busch Garden Denies Amputee, is Sued

Disneyland Sued again for Big Thunder Accident

A woman who suffered back injuries last year in a fatal crash at Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has sued the Walt Disney Co.. The suit, filed Nov. 18 in Orange County Superior Court by attorney Fred Nameth, alleges negligence. It also alleges that the ride’s design is defective and that Disney continues to engage… Read More »Disneyland Sued again for Big Thunder Accident

An Incredible Message?

The story’s inciting incident is a flurry of short-sighted, foolish lawsuits against the much-needed superheroes for unintended property damage and unwanted saves, among others. John Edwards may well laugh along with the rest of the audience during this part of the movie, but perhaps he and his former colleagues on the bar should think about… Read More »An Incredible Message?