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Magnetic Brakes Attract Lawsuit

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Phil Milford of Bloomberg News writes that Disney and other theme park companies are being sued over mangnetic roller coaster brakes.  The other companies include Universal, Busch, Six Flags, and Cedar Fair.

Safety Braking holds exclusive licenses to the patents, one from Magnetar Technologies Corp., based in Seal Beach, California, and the other from G&T Conveyor Co., based in Tavares.

Considering all of the major North American theme park operators are named, I have to wonder just how innovative these brakes are.  Did another company supply them illegally, or did each of the theme park operators have their engineering teams develop brakes that just happen to infringe on something so innovative it was patented?  Or is the suit in error?  They want a jury trial, which tells me that they think it might be easier to get a jury to side with "David" vs. five "Goliaths".