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We’re Going To Disney World!

Two different Walt Disney World vacation planning stories in the news yesterday. First we have the Mikkin Family (pictured left) of Long Island, NY. The lucky bums were the winners of a $34.5 million lottery in New York. At their press conference when asked what they’re going to do next, the winning family yelled out those famous words, "We’re Going To Disney World." Of course, they could afford it now. To help celebrate their winnings Disney sent up the big cheese, Mickey Mouse, to make a surprise appearance with the Mikkins.

The other tale is the story of Mohammed Salah who was acquitted last month of terrorism-related charges. I’m sure that feels like winning the lottery to him and his family. Salah is out on bail as he still faces some minor charges, so he’s asking the judge for permission to take his family to Walt Disney World before sentencing. Look for Ankle Monitors to become the latest fashion accessory for Disney World vacationers. (photo copyright and courtesy Disney, Garth Vaughan, photographer)

Update: Check out My Disney Mania’s story on a third case from yesterday. This time a judge lets an accused child molester go to Walt Disney World, but he has to keep away from minors, you know.

1 thought on “We’re Going To Disney World!”

  1. I think Disney should have sent the Big Cheese to Mr. Shalah home to help him and his family celebrate the end to his emotional torture inflicted by the US. govnt. But hey he’s not a millionare with 2 white kids, and he won’t be staying at the Grand Floridian or going to become the grand marshal with his family during the main street parade is he? No of coarse not ….. the whole PR opportunity Disney chose to exploit sickens me and they should know better than that.

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