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Cory Doctorow reviews Gabler’s Disney Biography

Writer, Copyright Fighter, Disney Fan Cory Doctorow just posted his review of Neal Gabler’s Walt Disney biography.

I have a funny relationship to Disney — the man and the company — I
am a gigantic fan of the themeparks, but I’m entirely indifferent to
the characters, the animation, the live films, and I have nothing but
antipathy for the political meddling in the copyright system. But if
you’re a fan of the Disney parks, it’s inevitable that you end up
spending some time thinking about Disney the man.

Gabler definitely spent some time thinking of Walt Disney the man. The one resounding criticism of his biography was that he gave equal time to the cranky Walt as he did the creative Walt. Walt was strict, but his the extreme moments of his life no more define him as a person as they do you or me. Gabler adds a new dimension to Walt for fans of his work, but it’s not definitive by any means. (Read)