Virtual Sonyland

Btw, I figured out part of what I don’t like about the new Disney Online. There is no space just to chill. Disney should seriously look at Second Life and this upcoming product from Sony to see what us more mature Disney fans are looking for.

VMK is nice, but you can’t say or do much other than quests and limited chats. Your avatar only slightly resembles you. Where is the Disney Virtual World where I can hang out by the ragtime piano on Main Street (maybe with a live feed to that very spot in the real world) and chat.

Just wishing, I guess.

1 thought on “Virtual Sonyland”

  1. You hit a sore spot here for many of us long time VMKers. There is no online place for the Disney adult community to hang.
    I help moderate at a (non-Disney) VMK forum for adults, that has been landsliding into Second Life.

    People are converting fast. It’s not that we want to leave Official Disney sites, it’s that there is no room for us, our adult needs are not marketed to online.

    Even as VMK constantly changes, many of us are tired of participating in an online world where we are forced to behave like 14 year olds. We understand that VMK is produced and marketed to that generation, but again, there is nothing else online for 20+ Disney-fites.

    Additionally, SecondLife has a strange Disneyesque feeling to it. I can’t really explain it.
    The castle on the official SecondLife site seems a little familiar…

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