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Club 33 Scrapbook for Tinker Bell

Part of what makes such an amazing internet community is the talent of its membership. Combine that with a bunch of disney oriented fun loving folk and you have a formula for some unique meets. Take the recent opportunity readers of the website had to go inside Disneyland’s famous and exclusive dining establishment –… Read More »Club 33 Scrapbook for Tinker Bell

Sky High, man

Tucked in among the July 24th ‘Live‘ photos on are a few photos from the world premier of Disney’s Sky High, a PG rated popcorn flick that follows the fortunes of a superhero family as their son enters the High School for superheros, only without any superpowers. Sound like something you’d go see? Well… Read More »Sky High, man

Early Imagineers. Who were they?

I hope somebody is considering offering all of Bob Gurr’s columns at in some type of limited edition softcover book because Gurr influenced everything with wheels at Disneyland. And how come there hasn’t been a book about Morgan "Bill"Evans and how he transformed landscaping into an artform at Disneyland? As part of the series… Read More »Early Imagineers. Who were they?

Disneyland’s well-wishers

Well it appears the day went off fairly well, all things considered. The park was packed at times, but the gates never closed. Here’s a look around the net at some of the coverage. kept sending photos of the event in real time via it’s ‘LIVE‘ cameraphone feature. The official 50th Anniversary Podcasts. The… Read More »Disneyland’s well-wishers

Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time

I’m not going to track the happenings at Disneyland minute by minute today. If you’re interested in that I recommend visiting But I thought it was interesting that reports have already surfaced about there being 20,000 people in line to get into Disneyland by 3AM Pacific Time. They’ve queued them up inside DCA and… Read More »Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time

Digital Disney has just debuted a new column by Vince Matthews "Digital Disney". As the name implies it will cover video games, mmorgs, online gaming, and more. In his first column Vince explains why Tron was not responsible for killing 2D animation (I think the Butler did it) and explores VMK, the new Disney themepark based… Read More »Digital Disney

Tales from the Laughing Place, issue 3 for sale

I’m quite happy to announced that the third issue of’s Tales from the Laughing Place Disney magazine is now available for purchase. The first two issues were as beautiful and informative as anything published by Disney now or in the past. Issue three will continue to span the empire of Disney bringing us news… Read More »Tales from the Laughing Place, issue 3 for sale

DL50th Fan Convention Schedule Posted

Disneyland turns 50 this year and it’s biggest fans are throwing one heck of a pre-party in the form of the 2005 NFFC Convention. Schedule details have recently been posted and the lineup looks great. Since Disney isn’t offering this kind of thing themselves anymore, this is your only chance to get the scoop directly… Read More »DL50th Fan Convention Schedule Posted