Early Imagineers. Who were they?

I hope somebody is considering offering all of Bob Gurr’s columns at
www.laughingplace.com in some type of limited edition softcover book
because Gurr influenced everything with wheels at Disneyland. And how
come there hasn’t been a book about Morgan "Bill"Evans and how he
transformed landscaping into an artform at Disneyland?

As part of the series honoring Disneyland’s 50th Birthday Jim Hill Media’s Wade Sampson has a nice round up of some of the lessor known Imagineers who played at part in building Disneyland. Although Wade doesn’t mention my grandfather, Vic Greene, I’ve had some wonderful chats with some of the original Imagineers who worked with and under Vic. Everytime one of them shuffles off this mortal coil, a little part of me, and of Walt’s vision, dies with them.

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