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Disney and Google partner for new Street View imagery

This morning Disney and Google are launching new Street View images of 11 favorite Disney theme and water parks in California and Florida. This feature of Google Maps has been around in various forms for a few years (Google Earth included), but this is a… Read More »Disney and Google partner for new Street View imagery

it’s a small world – Hyperlaspse tour from Magic Kingdom

Created by Walt Disney and WED Enterprises for the 1964 New York World’s Fair, the iconic classic attraction ‘it’s a small world’ is now installed in 5 Disney parks around the globe and has made millions upon millions of passengers happy with its message of… Read More »it’s a small world – Hyperlaspse tour from Magic Kingdom

Disney Dream at night

Disney Cruise experience captured in Hyperlapse Video

There’s something special about staying on property at Disney hotel. You’re enveloped in the magic all day and night, increasing your opportunities to encounter Disney magic. A Disney Cruise Line is like that, but more intense, and the result is an unforgettable vacation. One of… Read More »Disney Cruise experience captured in Hyperlapse Video

Disneyland Magic Hyperlapse Video

I really enjoy a good hyperlapse video, something about the ethereal nature of watching time move out of sync with reality is extra magical. Of course, that ties in wonderfully with the curate world of Disney’s theme parks. A new hyperlapse set at Disneyland was… Read More »Disneyland Magic Hyperlapse Video

Downtown Disney Anaheim Time-Lapse video

There’s something about time-lapse and hyperlapse videos that is so beautiful. Disneyland’s Downtown Disney shopping district is the subject of a new time-lapse video with a nod to the park’s 60th anniversary diamond celebration. It’s all captured in just 79 seconds. Can you name all… Read More »Downtown Disney Anaheim Time-Lapse video

Downtown Disney Hyperlapse Video

If you haven’t been to Downtown Disney lately, you may be surprised by all the changes lately. We just took a look at the latest construction with a photowalk, while Disney has released a new hyperlapse/time-lapse video showing almost everything that’s new plus a few… Read More »Downtown Disney Hyperlapse Video