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Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray DVD Details Announced

The most successful animated box office of all time belongs to Pixar’s Toy Story 3. Disney has just released the details for three ways to enjoy the movie that’s coming out on DVD November 2, 2010. Although many questioned Pixar’s return to the Toy Story universe, this film was the perfect end to the trilogy that has defined a generation, and their children.

Pre-order it on Amazon now, or find out many more details below the cut:

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Kermit turns 50

Kermit Da Frog turns 50 in September. I didn’t realize that Kermit, Jim Henson’s most famous and enduring creation, was born the same year as Disneyland. I wonder how 1955 vintage wines were? Probably pretty good. How’s Kermit going to celebrate his birthday? As for Kermit’s own private birthday bash? He’s unsure what to expect,… Read More »Kermit turns 50

Welcome Foolish Mortals

Latest population figures show there are 999 residents at home in the Haunted Mansion, and that they are always looking for #1,000, which might be any volunteer brave enough to enter. Yesterday was the Haunted Mansion’s 36th Birthday. In celebration, Robyn’s Talk Blog posts a bit of Disneyland history with a look at a 1975… Read More »Welcome Foolish Mortals

More Disneyland Paper Models

If you haven’t visited The Disney Experience‘s celebration of Disneyland’s 50th birthday, then you’re missing out on some of the best stuff on the internet today. Take, for instance, the wealth of fun projects to do on the Ludwig Van Drake Laboratories. There are numerous paper models (A Disneyland Marquee, Sleeping Beauty Castle, a TRON… Read More »More Disneyland Paper Models

Early Imagineers. Who were they?

I hope somebody is considering offering all of Bob Gurr’s columns at in some type of limited edition softcover book because Gurr influenced everything with wheels at Disneyland. And how come there hasn’t been a book about Morgan "Bill"Evans and how he transformed landscaping into an artform at Disneyland? As part of the series… Read More »Early Imagineers. Who were they?

Disneyland’s well-wishers

Well it appears the day went off fairly well, all things considered. The park was packed at times, but the gates never closed. Here’s a look around the net at some of the coverage. kept sending photos of the event in real time via it’s ‘LIVE‘ cameraphone feature. The official 50th Anniversary Podcasts. The… Read More »Disneyland’s well-wishers

Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time

I’m not going to track the happenings at Disneyland minute by minute today. If you’re interested in that I recommend visiting But I thought it was interesting that reports have already surfaced about there being 20,000 people in line to get into Disneyland by 3AM Pacific Time. They’ve queued them up inside DCA and… Read More »Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time