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Baby Giraffe born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom today

Disney Animal Kingdom’s animal population grew by one very cute Masai giraffe calf today. Mom, Mara, gave birth today around 2pm on the Kilimanjaro Safari savanna. Earlier in the day guests reported seeing Mara in labor out on the grasslands. The ‘little’ calf was a… Read More »Baby Giraffe born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom today

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Welcomes Its First Ever Masai Giraffe Birth

In today’s moment of cuteness, Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently welcomed its first ever Masai giraffe calf. Masai and reticulated are the two subspecies of giraffe found on the savannas of Kilimanjaro Safaris. The Masai giraffe is native to the plains of southern Kenya and throughout Tanzania.


This as yet unnamed calf will be out exploring his new savanna home within the next few weeks. But in the meantime the Disney Parks Blog is hosting a poll to name the baby giraffe. The choices are: Baraka, meaning blessing; Knodo, meaning battle; Baridi, meaning frost; Shingo, meaning long neck; Asani, meaning rebellious; and Mosi, meaning first. Frost is my last name, so I kinda like that one.

Giraffe trivia and fun facts below the jump:

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Two Baby Giraffes join Disney’s Animal Kingdom Herd

Cute alert! The Walt Disney World Resort recently welcomed two male calves to the giraffe herd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Bolo and Bruehler are the 13th and 14th giraffes to be born at DAK since the park opened in 1998. Disney has only provide photos of Bolo for some reason.

Bolo - Baby Giraffe from Disney's Animal Kingdom

Weighing 153 pounds, Bolo was born Oct. 12 to second-time mother Big Girl, who first birthed a female calf in November 2005. On Oct. 5, the Disney’s Animal Programs team helped to deliver 166-pound calf Bruehler from third-time mother Aibuni.

Both calves and mothers appear to be doing well according to veterinarians and animal care managers. As newborns, both male calves stand nearly six feet tall and could grow to be as tall as 15 – 18 feet as adults. The young males, who began nursing successfully soon after birth, are already feisty and very active.

“The next important milestone is for the calves to continue the bonding process with their mothers who will teach them important lessons and guide them as they are introduced to the herd in the coming weeks,” said Matt Hohne, Animal Operations Director at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Fun Facts about Giraffes and another cute photo below the cut:

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