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Update on health and gender of baby Giraffe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Masai Giraffe recently born on the savanana of Disney’s Animal Kingdom big Kilimanjaro Safari attraction is now backstage with his mom and Disney’s animal care team have identified its gender. It’s a boy!

We love the new photo of the calf below. Look close at the neck and you’ll see he has a special heart-shaped mark on his neck.

Both Mom, Mara, and the as yet unnamed son will spend a month or two in backstage areas as the two bond and get various health checks.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has had a handful of successful Giraffe births recently. This is good news since he population in the wild has dwindled by 50% in the last few decades, mostly due to habitat loss. Congratulations to everyone on the animal care team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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