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Two new animal babies welcomed to Walt Disney World

The animal care team at Walt Disney World Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is celebrating the arrival of two new bundles of joy over the last few days. A female baby giraffe named
Makena and a male baby zebra named Kidani have joined the over 2000 different animal at the various Disney parks and resorts in Orlando.

Kidani is the first Hartmann’s Mountain zebra ever born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and currently weighs about 65 pounds and stands just over 3 feet tall. Makena the giraffe weighed 118 pounds and stood just under 6 feet tall at birth. Makena was also born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

It will be a couple of weeks before the mothers and babies are released onto the Savannah area of the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction. It’s always fun to see the young animals out there even if it sometimes requires a second trip on the safari. Right now there are young elephants, white rhinos, and giraffes usually within easy view.