Lost: Ji Yeon

I usually write my Lost recaps Friday morning. I can focus better that way—with a few hours of sleep under my belt. But tomorrow are big goings on in our house, so I’m up at the wee hours of the night typing my Lost love.

And I’m very excited. So, let’s just jump right in and let me squeal a little about what we discovered this week…so if you didn’t watch…well, just close your eyes…





Now, are you ready to see how all that went down? Then click through below the cut.

Let’s begin…

The Freighter.
Sayid and Desmond are still locked away in
the sickbay. After a lovely meal of canned lima beans, they are invited
to visit the Captain. Just before this happens, a freakishly written
note is delivered via the vent on their door. It reads, “Don’t trust
the Captain.” As Dr. Scary Teeth (have you noticed his teeth?!)
delivers them to the captain, they notice a very disturbed looking
woman, Regina (remember her from the phone?) wearing chains around her
neck. Huge chains a la Scrooge’s Marley. She jumps over the side of the
boat and Desmond and Sayid rush to the side of the boat to save her but
NO ONE ELSE MOVES. The captain, Gaunt steps out and orders everyone
back to their posts.

He then introduces himself like nothing happened. Sayid cannot
handle this (have you noticed his soft spot for women who need help?).
He demands to know what’s going on. And our captain is surprisingly
forthcoming. Here’s just a few things he lets Sayid and Desmond in on:

1.    The boat belongs to Charles Widmore.
2.    He has the blackbox for Oceanic Flight 815.
  This blackbox was salvaged from the wreckage IN the ocean. The same
wreckage that had the pilot and ALL 324 DEAD passengers on it.
He concludes (admits? knows?) the wreckage & the salvaging was
staged. He rhetorically asks how much money & manpower something
like that would take.
5.    This is the reason they (the freighter folks) want BENJAMIN LINUS.

Lots of questions here! We’ll get to these later…

Dr. Scary Teeth leads Sayid & Desmond to their new room,
complete with cockroaches and a blood splatter on the wall—just at head
level. *shudder* Dr. Scary Teeth calls out for Johnson to mop it up.
Johnson, at the end of the hall with a mop and bucket refuses. Dr.
Scary Teeth demands he cleans it up now. Slowly Johnson walks down the
hall, then steps into the light to reveal a very normal looking…


Michael. As in Walt’s Dad. As in the guy that Ben “let” leave the
Island about 300 years ago. As in

Sayid and Michael pretend to not know each other. (Unless Michael is
a time traveler like Desmond and really doesn’t know Sayid? I doubt
it.) He introduces himself as Kevin Johnson. And that’s the end of the
freighter story. Probably for the next 5 episodes.

Now. Let’s sidetrack here and talk about 2 freaky freighter folks.
  Frank, the pilot. The very first scene of the episode is him walking
from the heli (maybe?) and intercepted by wife-beater guy. He asks,
“You ready?” Frank looks sad? Resigned? Uncomfortable? And says, “I’ll
be up.” As he walks away wife-beater guy turns around and says
threateningly , “Don’t be late, Frank.” Later when Sayid & Desmond
are walking on the deck to meet the Captain, the helicopter is gone.
They ask about it and Dr. Scary Teeth says, “Frank is running an
errand.” AN ERRAND? What? Is he picking up some milk and eggs? What in
the world?
2.    Regina. We already know she turns cuh-razy and
jumps of the boat. But she was also guarding Desmond & Sayid in the
first scene. When Frank sees her, she is totally dazed and confused
(also a little scruffy looking, but who isn’t?). He then tells her that
the book she’s reading is upside down. Neither one of them seem
terribly upset or weirded out by this news. What is UP with that? Why
is everyone going crazy on this boat?

The Island.
Sun & Jin are having a sweet mommy-daddy
conversation about the baby’s name. He wants to name her Ji Yeon. Soon,
Kate and Jack arrive. Kate actually gives them a rundown of what
happened (this is a first…plus, didn’t Sun & Jin go out looking for
Faraday & Lewis with Jake & Kate last week?) at The Tempest.
Sun asks if they are really going to be rescued. Kate doubts it. So,
Sun does her own interview with Daniel Faraday. She is not happy with
his non-answers.

Sun runs back to Jin and tells him, in Korean, to get 2 days worth
of food because they are going to Locke’s camp. She runs to Juliet’s
tent (or maybe it’s a supply tent) to find some more prenatal vitamins.
(Because, yeah, that’s what I’d be thinking about.) Juliet discovers
her and realizes Sun is leaving for the (new) others. Juliet tells Sun
that she cannot leave because she WILL die. Sun doesn’t believe her.
Sun and Jin head out to Locke’s camp (via Kate’s hand drawn
map…weird…), Juliet comes barreling after them demanding that Sun stay
on the beach. When Sun and Jin resist, Juliet tells Jin that Sun had an

I mean, really?!

Was that necessary?

I know I said I was feeling ok about Juliet after last week’s
episode, but who does she think she is– Ben? What is up with
manipulating people by pulling out their dirtiest secret? It’s

Of course, Jin is devastated and runs away. As much as I hate it, I
was kind of hoping for a Sun-Juliet cat fight. But all we got was a
slap to the face.

After a little time apart—Jin with Bernard on the fishing boat and
Sun with Juliet on the beach and honestly, some pretty decent
conversation, Jin returns to Sun’s tent…with dinner. * sigh * She wants
to explain why she had the affair. Jin stops her and confesses that he
was a different man before the island. He says anything she did she
actually did to that “old” man. He forgives her. But then asks if the
baby is really his. She swears it is.

They embrace. I love it.

Now. The FLASH.

We see a beautiful make-uped Sun getting ready. She starts feeling
some pain and calls emergency. She asks for an ambulance because she’s
pregnant and thinks there is something wrong. I’m still unsure at this
point if this is a flashFORWARD. She is wheeled into the hospital and
the nurse says, “Is she?” The person wheeling her in says, “Yes, The
Oceanic Six.” Oh yeah, it’s a flashFORWARD.

Jin is running through the streets looking for a store. He finds one
and begins looking for a toy. He wants a panda. He buys it then rushes
out the door on his cell phone, “I’m on my way!”

Sun is in the hospital, in very intense pain. The doctor comes in
(not her regular doctor, oh please, don’t be from Dharma!), he realizes
the baby is in distress. He asks if she needs him to contact anyone.
She just asks for Jin over and over.

Jin is trying to get his huge panda into a taxi. His phone rings, a
rude guy jumps into his taxi (with the panda) and takes off. Jin runs
after the taxi and is uncharacteristically mad and spiteful. He then
goes back to the store and pays about a million dollars for another
panda bear.

Sun’s doctor wants to do a c-section. Sun resist and says, “Not till
Jin gets here!” But the baby isn’t waiting on it’s dad and begins to
crown. A beautiful girl is delivered. (When I saw her I said, “I want
one of those!” I am 10 weeks preggo now, but have a feeling my little
one won’t come out Korean. Ten weeks, incidentally is when Juliet
predicts a woman on the island begins to have shortness of breath that
never stops; 11 weeks is when she slips into a coma. Yikes.)

Jin finally arrives at the hospital. He gets to the door and there
is a guard there. He bows and says, “I am Jin-Soo Kwon…I represent Paik
Automotive.” He delivers the panda to congratulate the Ambassador on
his new grandSON and to show him how excited Mr. Paik is to do business
with him.


As Jin walks out of the hospital, the nurse asks why he’s leaving so
soon. He says, “It’s not my baby…I’ve only been married two months.”

That’s right my friends, Sun was a flashFORWARD but Jin was a
flashBACK. How freaky is that?!! (I was wondering why Jin’s hair looked
so weird.)

The final FlashFORWARD.
A beautiful and make-uped Sun
greets Hurley at the door to her home. He is dressed up and asks if
anyone else is coming. She says no. He says, “Good.” He holds the baby,
then says, “Well, let’s go see him.”

Then we see Hurley, Sun and the new baby arrive at a CEMETERY. Jin
is dead. Buried in Korea. Sun talks to him and introduces the baby, Ji
Yeon to him. Very sad and very sweet.

The end.

Questions Answered
1.    Michael is Ben’s man on the boat.
  The Oceanic Six is Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun & Jin. Aaron is
not one of the Six (obviously, he wasn’t “technically” on Oceanic 815).

3.    They get off the Island in the next 3 weeks. Or else Sun would be dead.

New Questions
1.    Is Jin really an Oceanic Six? How did
he die? Maybe Jin’s tombstone was just a memorial stone? I wonder what
it said? (According to Lostpedia, the death date said September 22, 2004. That’s the date of the crash. Oh lord.)
2.    Who’s the Coffin-guy from Jack’s flashFORWARD? I thought he’d be an Oceanic Six.
does it mean to be Ben’s man? HOW DID HE GET ON THE BOAT?
4.    What is UP with the freighter? Why is everyone going crazy? No one on the Island went this crazy.
  Did Ben really stage that whole 815 crash underwater? HOW IN THE
WORLD? What does Charles Widmore really want? Why does Ben want to stop
him? HOW FREAKY IS BEN?! We didn’t even see him this week and he freaks
me out. The Captain said this is ONE of many reasons they want Ben. Ew.
What in the world has Ben done?
6.    How weird is it that Penelope
& her dad are looking for the same Island? And Desmond has been
there for 3 years. That’s strange. And surely not a coincidence.
  What is the time line of the flashFORWARDS? I was thinking it was
this order at first—Sun/Kate, Hurley, Jack, Sayid. But Aaron has got
me off. If Juliet is right, Sun could have only been on the Island a
week or two more. That means at least 6-7 months off the Island. But
Aaron is only 4 months old. How in the world can he be 2 in Kate’s
flashFORWARD? Any insight?

Random Theory
Ben is really Zeus. Or some other kind of omnipotent god.

Actual Random Theory
Jin may or may not be dead. But he is NOT off the Island. He is NOT one
of the Oceanic Six. They put up the tombstone as a memorial. Jin is so
upset at the gravestone NOT because he’s dead, but because of the
terrible thing (see my previous posts) the Oceanic Six did on the Island. She says over and
over, "I miss you" because she really does miss him—because he’s on the Island.

What I’d Like To See Next Week
A Locke FlashFORWARD.  Ben
getting the daylights beat out of him. Michael and Sayid having an
open, real and fast-paced conversation.

In conclusion
I loved this episode. I paused it right
after they confirmed Sun was one of the Oceanic Six so my husband could
get a drink. I almost couldn’t wait long enough for him to refill his
glass! Every second of this episode had me worked up. Oh, Lost, how I
love thee.

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15 thoughts on “Lost: Ji Yeon”

  1. Great Recap Amanda!
    As for your question #3 – How did Michael get on the boat?
    I blogged about this ealier this week – you can read the whole thing here:

    But here is my thought as to how Michael got on the boat:
    At the end of Season 2 Ben gives Michael some coordinates and tells him that if he follows them precisely that he will find rescue…Notice that he said Rescue NOT land or home, etc. I think Ben knew the Freighter was coming/out there so he sent Michael to it.

  2. Well, if Jin’s “date of death” is Sept. 22, then clearly he is still on the island, and not one of The Six.

    I would assume Aaron IS one of The Six, because, well, they’re just going to go on the number rescued, aren’t they? Not “The Oceanic Six Plus A Kid, But He Didn’t Have A Ticket. :)

  3. I’m thinking that Jin wasn’t in a flashback . . . I believe he was in that same flashforward, but it was a different Jin.

    There have been some insinuations of identity splits, particularly in a piece of Dharma orientation reel footage that was shown at ComicCon 2007. It implied that one bunny was somehow in two places, perhaps through time travel. There’s a brief description of it on Lostpedia, just search there for the “Orchid Orientation film.”

  4. I’m trying to decide if I think we had both a flash forward and a flash back last night or if Jin and Sun split once they left the island and Jin is remarried.

    Which still makes me wonder about who the Oceanic Six really are.


  5. Jin was a flashback. The store owner tried to sell him a dragon, commenting that itn was good for the “Year of the Dragon.” The last “Year of the Dragon” was in 2000, the next one won’t be until (I believe) 2012…

  6. Matt: Good thoughts. I wondered about that, too. What IF Michael isn’t Ben’s man…he just masterminded (?) to get Michael on the boat. BUT WHERE OH WHERE IS WALT? (Have you heard the theory that Michael IS grown-up Walt?)

    LK: Yeah, I guess Aaron is one of the Six. It’s just kinda lame…that only gives us 5 actual characters that get off. (With the exception of Ben, Walt/Michael and possibly Desmond…)

    Jennifer: That makes my head ache.

    Brian: I read that, too about the Year of the Dragon. I’m sure there were other time clues…I was thinking his cell phone was kinda lame looking.

  7. Desmond’s mental time-traveling a couple of weeks back reminded me of “Peggy Sue Got Married,” and this episode made me think of “Sixth Sense” – especially with the wedding ring bit.

    Seriously though, when it became apparent that it was a Sun episode, I turned to my friend and said “I want to see Sun be tough again like she was in that episode at the beginning of last season.” Remember that we know she can lie and face down someone with a gun, so Juliette was lucky she got off with only a slap. I think she showed her tough side while, like Jin, figuring out that she has to balance it out.

    As I have with the other episodes so far this season, I loved it. :)

  8. hmm… i never thought about it until reading this, but maybe the casket in jack’s flash-forward was empty? a symbolic funeral, similar to jin’s potentially symbolic headstone? and jack was just upset because of what happened on the island, and why only six of them left. maybe?

  9. Tim: I saw Peggy Sue but can’t remember the time travel part of it…but the Sixth Sense thing is good. The more I think about it, the more I think Jin is alive–she called for him, she said “I miss you”, she wanted her ring on, etc. Maybe Hurley & Sun had to “visit” Jin because they are so famous–like to keep up the appearance of their lie.

    Lisa: yeah. There is definitely something up with that casket-guy. As long as it’s not Locke.

  10. Amanda – Yes I have heard that theory – I think I read it just this week over at ew.com. (They have great theories over there BTW.) I don’t believe it though for one main reason – they could not be together ever – remember in Back to the Future when Doc Brown warns Marty about running in to himself saying “it would cause cause great harm to the space/time continuum” or something – Same warning applies here – and we have seen them together on many occasions. Plus – what about Michaels exwife/walt’s mom. How do we explain that? She addressed him as Walt’s dad AND Walt as her son.

    As for where is Walt? He is on the Island. Somehow Ben got him back when he sent Walt and Michael off. Plus we’ve seen him – Remember when Locke was in the Dharma ditch after Ben shot him…

  11. Matt: I agree Walt cannot = Michael. But still, with all the time/space continuum thing, it just seems like something like that COULD happen. I didn’t think that Walt was really there with Locke. I thought Walt/any vision=Smokey.

    I’ve been reading ew.com all day. Those theories are either hilarious or brilliant. I love the guy that does the recaps there.

    I am just so OVER Michael & Walt because it’s been SO long since we’ve seen him. I’m having a hard time coming up with a good theory about them.

  12. Loved your recap! Also was surprised when I popped over from Rocks in my Dryer to see that you are a Disney World fan – us too!

    I’m dying to know what Frank’s ‘errand’ was – it’s such a long time til Thursday.

  13. The timing has me confused, what is Sun does miscarry and the baby is a second Sun/Jin child??? I would be surprised if the show would tie itself so tightly to a time-line.

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