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  • All the feels from new Ben Solo and Chewbacca fan art

    Tyson Murphy is a lead character artist at Blizzard Entertainment where he’s been creating digital art for over five years. From time to time he shares his personal sketches and art on his blog. This morning, he shared a comic-strip titled ‘Ben’ featuring Chewbacca, the Wookiee we all love, with…

  • Moana – Fan Poster, how it’s made

    Since this year is all about Pixar animation at the Mouse House, we aren’t hearing much about Moana, the second of two films from Walt Disney Animation Studios next year. But that’s not stopping one fan from creating some amazing fan art. Nyko’s latest attempt is a fan created movie…

  • Disney Fan Artist ponders Moana

    Disney’s first Polynesian Princess Moana is already inspiring fan art from around around the globe. Of course, we only have concept art to inspire us at the moment. Enter artist Nyko from Tahiti. Tahiti, of course, is part of French Polynesia, which gives Nyko some “street cred” when it comes…

  • Iron Man is Shirt of the Day on Tee Fury
    Iron Man is Shirt of the Day on Tee Fury

    Iron Man fans can support their Marvel addiction by picking up this fan made t-shirt from Tee Fury. It features billionaire playboy Tony Stark’s superhero creation and the famous arc-reactor. Iron Man is in a t-shirt battle with a DC Comic star The Flash, so we Disney fans have to…

  • If Christopher Nolan directed Wall-E, A mashup trailer
    If Christopher Nolan directed Wall-E, A mashup trailer

    When Disney’s Big Hero 6 opens on November 7th, it’s going to have some big competition from the latest Christopher Nolan film – Interstellar, which opens on the 5th. Pre-saging that encounter a little bit, video mashup artist Bobby Burns has created a new trailer for Pixar’s Wall-E as if…

  • 8-Bit Frozen
    8-Bit Frozen

    Are you a fan of the retro? How about an 8-bit chiptune version of Disney’s Frozen. It’s like playing a video game without the need for quarters. Just like the movie, right?

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