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All the feels from new Ben Solo and Chewbacca fan art

Tyson Murphy is a lead character artist at Blizzard Entertainment where he’s been creating digital art for over five years. From time to time he shares his personal sketches and art on his blog. This morning, he shared a comic-strip titled ‘Ben’ featuring Chewbacca, the Wookiee we all love, with touching take on a subtext in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that has not yet gotten much play in discussion of the movies. (Spoilers, obviously.)


All the feels, right? Murphy captures Chewbacca’s conflict so perfectly. It’s so easy to imagine the walking wall of fur that is Chewbacca playing with the Solo kid(s?). Imagine Ben hanging off the wookiee’s arm, climbing trees, adventuring through the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon together. And yet, somewhere along the line it all went wrong. Thanks to Murphy this story has now been told.

If his name sounds familiar, we’ve featured Murphy on the blog before when he used Photoshop to breathe new life into some old Disney animation.

See more on Tumblr or Murphy’s blog.