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Disneyland Cast Member Actually Exploded Dry-Ice Twice

The former (I assume) Disneyland Outdoor Vending Cast Member was arraigned for the Toontown blast today. He pled not guilty. As part of the proceedings we learned a bit more about the events of the day, including a surprising revelation – there was a second… Read More »Disneyland Cast Member Actually Exploded Dry-Ice Twice

Small Explosion in Disneyland’s Toontown Causes Evacuation, but no Injuries

Update 5/29: Anaheim Police have arrested a Disneyland outdoor vending cast member for yesterday’s blast. Something I wondered about below. Police say 22-year old subjects claims this was an isolated incident with ‘unanticipated impact’. You could say that again The Anaheim Police Department has confirmed… Read More »Small Explosion in Disneyland’s Toontown Causes Evacuation, but no Injuries

Downtown Disney ‘bomb’ likely just a prank

More details have emerged concerning the recent small explosion in a trash can in a parking lot area of Walt Disney World Resort’s Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment district. Looks like it’s nothing to worry about for now. What does worry me is the safety of Disney Employees, especially the custodial workers who would be… Read More »Downtown Disney ‘bomb’ likely just a prank

Small Explosion and Fire in Downtown Disney Garbage Dumpster

Update: Sheriff’s updated their story. Now they say the device was found in a regular garbage can. Terrorism is not suspected and any links to recent threats of pipe-bombs by disgruntled employees is being explored. A Disney employee reportedly heard a small explosion and saw white smoke erupt from a dumpster located on the Walt… Read More »Small Explosion and Fire in Downtown Disney Garbage Dumpster

Disneyland Do’s and Don’ts’

Do: Take your kids to DisneyLand, regardless of their age. I never imagined getting so much enjoyment over their excitement.Don’t: Have kids outnumber the adults. One adult per child. You’ll save yourself from the, "hey where’s small child number 6" moment of terror. Also, most rides require an adult with the child lower than your… Read More »Disneyland Do’s and Don’ts’


To everyone hurt and affected by the explosions in London please know you’re in our thoughts today. Today should have been a day of great joy, having just been awarded the summer games, instead hate and fear mongers have taken advantage of you to practice their trade. Despite best efforts of terrorists of any sort,… Read More »London

Some news….

Sorry for the absence everyone. The wife has been sick and I’m trying to stay healthy and keep my son healthy which means I haven’t had much time to be on the computer. But the good news is I got to visit some of Disneyworld with my son. Just some quality father and son time… Read More »Some news….