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Small Explosion and Fire in Downtown Disney Garbage Dumpster

Update: Sheriff’s updated their story. Now they say the device was found in a regular garbage can. Terrorism is not suspected and any links to recent threats of pipe-bombs by disgruntled employees is being explored.

A Disney employee reportedly heard a small explosion and saw white smoke erupt from a dumpster located on the Walt Disney World Resort Downtown Disney property early today. Investigators later claim to have found evidence of a pipe-bomb type materials. No damage or injuries were reported and an investigation is under way.

I hate to speculate on this without knowing more about what investigators have found. But there are definitely some scenarios here that don’t play well for Disney and central Florida tourism. Hopefully this is just a one off incident — a prank.

Sheriff’s were careful to say "this is not connected to any sophisticated [terrorist] plot, either domestically or internationally." Which the local ABC news reported as this is not a terrorist plot. That’s not exactly what the Sheriff said though.

More as I find out about it.

(via the Orlando Sentinel)