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Disneyland Cast Member Actually Exploded Dry-Ice Twice


The former (I assume) Disneyland Outdoor Vending Cast Member was arraigned for the Toontown blast today. He pled not guilty. As part of the proceedings we learned a bit more about the events of the day, including a surprising revelation – there was a second blast earlier in the day.

According to the LA Times, prosecutors explained that the cast member was stationed at a drink cart located just outside Toontown. Around 4pm, just after his shift ended, a small blast occurred. It’s not clear if that was placed in a trash can. Then several minutes later the cast member grabbed a second water bottle and more dry ice from the cart and headed backstage via Toontown. While on the way he dropped that bottle in trash can and left the area.

Thankfully no one was hurt in either blast. Two explosions makes it sounds like more than a simple prank. And what was up with the other cast member at the drink cart? Did he witness the explosion and not report anything? It almost goes without saying, but I think we have found an opportunity for Disney to do more training and screening of their employees.

Has this event changed how safe you feel in the park?

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5 thoughts on “Disneyland Cast Member Actually Exploded Dry-Ice Twice”

  1. I understand the seriousness of yelling “fire” in a crowded room so I’m not trying to be dismissive of this guys actions… but what damage does a dry ice soda “bomb” actually do? From what I understand then, unless it was laced with shrapnel, its more of an immature prank than a physical threat.

    Again, I’m not trying to be the judge or jury here. I’m just wondering if the media hype, $1million bail and “Do you feel safe at Disney” stuff is a bit overdramatic.

  2. A year ago, the same prank from neighborhood kids
    left a Dry Ice Bottel on my front step. At the time,
    I was not sure what it was and called the Orange
    County Police. When they arrived, they informed me
    that I was right not to pick it up cause if it exploded, I
    could have lost an arm.

    So although Kitty (above) believes it’s an immature
    Prank, it is much more serious, and should be taken
    As just that.

  3. Nope I still think it is really safe inside the park. Dry Ice bombs can do a lot of damage depending on the size of them and where they are set off. I am going to assume that the cast member did not intend to harm but to create the fear or panic at the park. Either way he set off an explosive device that is illegal in CA and will now have that on his record for life if found guilty.

  4. If a dry-ice bomb could take off an adult arm, just think of what it could do to a little kid? My son was 16 months old when he went there last year, and I can’t even imagine if someone his size ran into one of these “harmless” explosives. If this guy wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, he certainly picked the wrong place in the park to do it – where the youngest Disneyland patrons are running loose.

  5. I believe the Cast Member wanted to see what he could get away with. Maybe he thought that if he was discreet, he could set off these small explosions around, get people talking,, and then (like most idiots) post the incident on social media proclaiming what he had done and how much attention it received. I could be wrong though, but that’s a thought of mine

    I wonder, if someone got injured, would those still say it was just a harmless prank? A harmless prank is a fake spider on a string, putting food coloring in someone toothbrush, or things like that.

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