Disneyland Cast Member Actually Exploded Dry-Ice Twice


The former (I assume) Disneyland Outdoor Vending Cast Member was arraigned for the Toontown blast today. He pled not guilty. As part of the proceedings we learned a bit more about the events of the day, including a surprising revelation – there was a second blast earlier in the day.

According to the LA Times, prosecutors explained that the cast member was stationed at a drink cart located just outside Toontown. Around 4pm, just after his shift ended, a small blast occurred. It’s not clear if that was placed in a trash can. Then several minutes later the cast member grabbed a second water bottle and more dry ice from the cart and headed backstage via Toontown. While on the way he dropped that bottle in trash can and left the area.

Thankfully no one was hurt in either blast. Two explosions makes it sounds like more than a simple prank. And what was up with the other cast member at the drink cart? Did he witness the explosion and not report anything? It almost goes without saying, but I think we have found an opportunity for Disney to do more training and screening of their employees.

Has this event changed how safe you feel in the park?

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