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If Monsters University Was Set at The Magic Kingdom This Would Be Entrance Exam

Disney Parks has released this really cute Monsters University “Entrance” Exam to help kick-off the Monstrous Summer and a nifty bit of synergistic cross-promotion for the movie.

Click to embiggen.

To pass the test, check out the doors above and then answer where the monsters would pop up in the Magic Kingdom if they stepped through the door for a scare.

Write down your answers starting at the top left and moving across. Hint: A couple attractions are repeated.

Answers and your score are below the cut:

Here are the Answers (Across from Top Left)
Agrabah Bazaar
Briar Patch
Plaza Ice Cream Parlor
Haunted Mansion
Rockettower Plaza Stage
Enchanted Tiki Room
Pirates of the Caribbean
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
It’s A Small World
Tomorrowland Speedway
Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
Cinderella Castle
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Tom Sawyer Island: Fort Langhorn
Haunted Mansion
Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station

Give yourself 1 point for every door you got right:
0-3 Sorry, maybe scare school isn’t for you
4-7 Good job, but you’ll have to study harder to be a real scarer.
8-13 You have a knack for making kids scream.
14-16 Go to the head of the class. You’re a Monstropolis Hero in the making.

How did you do?

2 thoughts on “If Monsters University Was Set at The Magic Kingdom This Would Be Entrance Exam”

  1. LOVE this!

    very creative and out of the box way to promote the movie and the parks.
    we need more stuff like this!

  2. Is this poster for sale anywhere? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it and my sister is a Disney addict

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