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expedition everest

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Update – Construction Walls Everywhere


I ducked into Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a late October check on the progress the park is making to adding some much needed night time entertainment. As part of the project the area around the Tree of Life on Discovery Island is getting upgrades and a larger performance zone, and so is the river between Asia and DinoLand that will eventually be home to the Rivers of Light water show.

If you can’t view the video, I have an image gallery at the end of this post:

As you can see all the construction makes Disney’s Animal Kingdom a Kingdom of Walls. We were there on a weekend and there was a lot of activity on Discovery Island, around the Tree of Life, but as far as I could tell, no work on the tree itself yet. In fact, they’ve actually let the area around the tree go a little bit. And you could see where horticulture really needed to get in and clean things up.Read More »Disney’s Animal Kingdom Update – Construction Walls Everywhere

FastForward: Expedition Everest

I’m back with another FastForward video. These are fun little experiments with a different view on Disney’s amazing rides and attractions. This new FastFoward is fun ride through Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s popular roller coaster Expedition Everest. I’ve added both a time-lapse and a tilt-shift miniature… Read More »FastForward: Expedition Everest

Revenge of the Disco Yeti

Pity the poor Disco Yeti. Touted as the animatronic to end all animatronics; jet powered with an amazing range of motion; guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of thousands of roller coaster riders on Expedition Everest daily; and yet, seemingly forever frozen in a… Read More »Revenge of the Disco Yeti

Disney’s Q4 profit down 7%

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The Orlando Sentinel reports that corporate profits dropped 7% for Disney (an unexpected result) in the fourth quarter, the end of their fiscal year. More specifically for Q4: Company Revenue – $9.7 billion Company Profits – $835 million Parks and Resorts only: sales – $10.8… Read More »Disney’s Q4 profit down 7%

1000 Summits for Yeti Man, Take that Sir Hillary.

Back in August I wrote about James McCown, aka Yeti Man, who had ridden Expedition Everest over 500 times. He’s now passed the 1000 ride mark. James McCown (right) of St. Petersburg, FL, screams Oct. 30, 2006 as he rides Expedition Everest for the 1000th time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Lake Buena… Read More »1000 Summits for Yeti Man, Take that Sir Hillary.

I rode Expedition Everest with the Yeti Man

I’m proud to say I’ve ridden Animal Kingdom’s newest attraction Expedition Everest more than a few times. It’s a thrilling ride that deserves it’s place in the pantheon of the Disney Mountain Range (Space, Splash, Matterhorn, Big Thunder). But my feat is nothing compared to… Read More »I rode Expedition Everest with the Yeti Man

Tales from the Laughing Place, issue 3 for sale

I’m quite happy to announced that the third issue of’s Tales from the Laughing Place Disney magazine is now available for purchase. The first two issues were as beautiful and informative as anything published by Disney now or in the past. Issue three will continue to span the empire of Disney bringing us news… Read More »Tales from the Laughing Place, issue 3 for sale