Revenge of the Disco Yeti

Pity the poor Disco Yeti. Touted as the animatronic to end all animatronics; jet powered with an amazing range of motion; guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of thousands of roller coaster riders on Expedition Everest daily; and yet, seemingly forever frozen in a state of disrepair since just a few months after opening. So what’s a Yeti to do?

How about a parody music video:

Did that have you rolling on the floor laughing? It did me.

Actually, there’s a bit of good news for the Yeti. He’s currently scheduled for the Operating Room. A scrim surrounds him and work is going on underneath the skirt. Alas, the news is not all good. He’s not getting the heart transplant he needs. Instead, the word is they are merely tying some strings on to his limbs. He’s getting a Pinocchio makeover. Adding a marionette effect is cheaper than the fix he needs to return the full range of motion; a fix that holds no promise of working any longer than the original version did.

So that’s the compromise we’re left with. Get the Pinocchio Yeti t-shirts ready.

9 thoughts on “Revenge of the Disco Yeti”

  1. So, my roommate on the CP told me that the reason why the yeti stopped moving was because the ground shifted and if the yeti moves, it’ll disrupt the ride and everything. In order for it to be fixed and made to the full range of motion, they’ll have to take the entire mountain off….so…yeah.

  2. I was just in Disney last week and was completely disappointed. I’m sorry to say but there was no yeti, period. Not even a flashing disco yeti. There was just pure darkness when we entered the section where the yeti usually is.

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  8. This makes me sad. I mean maybe the physical, financial, and political reasons for not fixing the Yeti are far beyond the comprehension of John Q. Public, but the failure to permanently restore/re-do the Yeti seems to say that Disney doesn’t really care about “good show” anymore, as long as people are still lining up to ride the ride.

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