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1000 Summits for Yeti Man, Take that Sir Hillary.

YetimanBack in August I wrote about James McCown, aka Yeti Man, who had ridden Expedition Everest over 500 times. He’s now passed the 1000 ride mark.

James McCown (right) of St. Petersburg, FL, screams Oct. 30, 2006 as he rides Expedition Everest for the 1000th time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. McCown, who calls himself "Yeti Man" and wears furry gloves and a ski hat, has now ridden the Himalayan-themed attraction more than 1000 times, with 63 times in one day being his personal record.

Riding with McCown on his 1000th ride is park guest Steven Nichols (left), age 12, from London, England. Nichols was visiting with his family from England and was asked to join McCown on his historic ride. Expedition Everest officially opened at Walt Disney World on April 7, 2006. (David Roark, photographer – (c) Disney )