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What About Bob (Iger)?

Joseph Menn of the Los Angeles Times takes a look at what Disney CEO Bob Iger has been doing, and how he’s been doing it. In his short tenure, Iger has amassed goodwill by patching up feuds he inherited from his predecessor, Michael Eisner. Yet he has limited his public exposure to carefully selected events,… Read More »What About Bob (Iger)?

ESPN Says Enough Sports already…

ESPN is following in the footsteps of MTV as it moves away from live sports broadcasting toward original programing (movies, dramatic shows, etc). This seems odd since their two previous attempts (Tilt and Playmakers) were both cancelled due to low, really low, ratings.

Ducks officially on Ice

How much is a professional team worth when there is no functioning league for it to belong to? Broadcom Corp. Chairman Henry Samueli and his wife, Susan, have officially signed the papers their purchase of the National Hockey League’s Mighty Ducks of Anaheim from The Walt Disney Co. The sale was for an estimated $75… Read More »Ducks officially on Ice

Muppets up for Webby?

Webby Nominations are out. Disney related nominees include The Muppets website has been nominated for a Webby in the celebrity/fan section (???). Themepark Insider has been nominated in the Guides/Ratings/Reviews section. ESPN for Sports. Register now to vote in the People’s Voice awards.

Baby Born at Disneyland Resort

One of the urban legends that goes around from time to time is the one where if you are pregnant and have your baby at Disneyland you’ll get free admission for life for the kid. Whether this is true or not the park won’t say. They only say that very few babies have been born… Read More »Baby Born at Disneyland Resort

Miramax Brothers lose name, jobs, gain freedom

According to the LA Times the Weinstein brothers and the Walt Disney Company has agreed to the details of their upcoming split. Sadly the brothers will have to give up the name that was derived from the names of their parents. I’m sure they’ll get over it. Hundreds of other company founders have. Miramax will… Read More »Miramax Brothers lose name, jobs, gain freedom

NFL Broadcast Deal, Where’s ABC/ESPN?

The NFL has arrived at a giant of a deal for the next 5 years of TV rights for NFL football. This deal is bigger than the MLB, NBA, and NASCAR combined. One little problem, ABC and ESPN have yet to deal with the NFL. The Sunday night and Monday night deal has been sweetened… Read More »NFL Broadcast Deal, Where’s ABC/ESPN?